Dwyane Wade’s Light-Up Shoelaces

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the biggest news tidbits in the last few years, at least in the shoe world, came when Dwyane Wade left Jordan Brand and signed with the Chinese company Li-Ning. His first signature shoe with Li-Ning was last season’s Way Of Wade (or WOW), and over the weekend Wade posted a photo on Instagram of a shoe he’s never worn in a game: A Way Of Wade with what appears to be light-up shoe laces…

Couple of things here:

1. There’s a reason Wade’s nickname is/was Flash.

2. Nice Dennis Rodman Stance socks, Dwyane.

3. I don’t know if these laces would be considered OK by the NBA or not to wear in a game, but seems to me there would be all kinds of opportunities to make your laces flash — after a bucket, after a steal, etc. Or what about in the middle of a crossover? Would there be any better way to distract your opponent?

Either way, I think we have to respect Wade’s innovation here.

So how about it: Would you wear a pair a shoes of light-up laces?

(via TNLP)


  1. sports fan says:

    He also needs the heels to light up like the shoes that his kids wear.

  2. HighAlt says:

    I’d sport ’em for sure. Haven’t even had Jordan’s for probably 17-18 years but getting back on the court more and as us folks from that era remember “It’s gotta be the shoes.”
    Not quite sure that’s how they’re available though. Don’t know what all the dots are all over the rest of the shoe in second pick. Did he paint with them on? Bad dandruff? Maybe phosphorus paint (like glow sticks) got a little sloppy? Would be sick if they are for real though.

  3. Danny Granger (O.N.E) says:

    Light up shoe laces…… REALLY??? No Way !!!