Jason Terry To Get Brooklyn Tattoo

Dallas Mavericks NBA Champion Victory Parade

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — During Jason Terry‘s rookie season in the NBA, back in ’99-00, he played for the Atlanta Hawks. I lived in Atlanta that year, and spent a lot of time enjoying not only Terry’s play, but also his numerous superstitions. For instance, Terry would wear five pairs of socks in every game, eat at the same restaurant before every game, and sleep in his uniform the night before games.

A few years later, Terry added the superstition of getting a tattoo when he joined a new team. With the Dallas Mavericks, Terry got a tattoo of the Larry O’Brien trophy on his right bicep (see photo above), and lo and behold the Mavericks won the title.

When he joined the Celtics a year later, Terry got the Celtics’ logo tattooed on his other arm…

This year, Terry will play for the Brooklyn Nets, and in an interview today with Newsday, Terry says he’ll be getting some Brooklyn-centric ink: A tattoo that says “BK ALL DAY”…

“I’m a very superstitious guy, but every community I come involved with, I just take it on. That’s what the tattoo symbolizes. It means something to me. Being a Boston Celtic, that means something. I’ve been blessed and fortunate to play for a lot of great franchises, and this is just another one.”

And as if there was any question about his loyalties, Terry also recently poked fun at JR Smith, who had noted that the Knicks were aiming to win a championship — perhaps “a Rucker Park championship,” Terry allowed.

But as Knicks G Raymond Felton told us recently, “We’re still the city’s team.”

The city never sleeps, and it seems like this rivalry won’t either.

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  1. ac says:

    Terry and Pierce need to just shut their fat mouths and stop the trash talking. NYK WILL ALWAYS BE NY’S TEAM. The only people who think otherwise are people who truly know nothing about NYC.

    At this point in his career, Jason Terry is just an overcompensating little man who needs to tweet about tattoos and talk trash about NY to stay in quasi-relevant in the headlines. You were good fives years ago Jet, but you really couldn’t be more irrelevant today.

    I live in Brooklyn btw.

  2. Tony says:

    Hey superstitious guy, when are you inking LeBron’s dunk in your face? ๐Ÿ˜€

  3. Mo says:

    Yea Jet! Get em

  4. Jason Bell says:

    We’re gonna bust Brooklyn’s tuckish!!!!!!! Knicks fans stand up?
    Little do u BK fans know, is that u guys r gonna force our (Knicks)
    hand 2 become a better team, and we will become better. The
    Knicks brand is 2 deep rooted 2 be up lifted in a few short years
    by some new comers. We’ll always be NEW YORK’S #1 team!!!!!!!
    Peace Tallshawn

  5. holyspectator says:

    JT is such an awesome idiot, lol

  6. hammar22 says:

    The Nets look good! NY is going nowhere with the hotdog in control…melo is their average. But the news is Chicago is behind the times of the Indiana Pacers dumping the Little boys of Miami under their wave.

  7. hammar22 says:

    The Nets look a whole better than the hotdog who runs the NY Knicks…his average is mellow….But the only team worth watching is the Indiana Pacers who will dump the champs who are nothing more than fish out of water from Miami.