Lakers Introduce Black Uniform


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Say this for the Lakers and the Clippers: They’re doing a heckuva job drawing out drama from the release of a third uniform. Just two days ago we saw the teaser video of the Clippers and a (possibly) blue uniform. And now the Lakers are on record with their third uniform — the Lake Show is back in black.

There’s a photo gallery and all sorts of corporate words over at The Lakers, who wore white alternates previously, are calling the uniforms “Hollywood Nights.” According to, “The Hollywood Nights theme in part acknowledges the celebrities like Jack Nicholson that have long supported the team, but also serves as a nod to the huge number of people that work behind the scenes to make up one of L.A.’s biggest industries.”

I’m not sure how a black uniform represents Hollywood Nights, except that black is representative of night, I guess. To me what they really represent is that they look pretty cool. And isn’t that the most important thing?



  1. ClipperNation says:

    The lakers must dress in black beacause they are mouring the death of their franchise.

  2. The new jerseys are tight

    • SmoothMM says:

      Agreed. Best Lakers’ jerseys I’ve ever seen. The way they blend the purple and gold to squeeze in with the black? Nice. May have to play with the Lakers once to rock those jerseys on NBA 2K14, whenever they add them…

      • wilkin says:

        Waiting to wear it on a game ?
        Nahhhh, I live in boston all my life and im a coby fene I will get that jersey at the stores when relase, wearing it on person will be extraordinary:)

    • Hello says:

      If you put them on a little guy they’d probably be loose.

  3. McLuvin says:

    bro you mad? 16 Championships biatch!

    #learntospell #lakershatersarestupid

  4. Paul Friedericks says:

    For the first time…
    The Black Mamba will be using a Black Uniform from the Black Los Angeles Lakers…
    The most dangerous venom on earth…

  5. LOL. Well, I don’t know Kobe is still a high scorer ( ) and Steve can contibute at at rate 16-10. Gasol is still a good player in the league, but here is where the problem lies: Kobe needs the ball in his hands on most possessions. Nash does not have the chance to set up plays unfortunately … Lakers might not even make the playoffs …

    • kennabis81 says:

      Did you see the Olympics or any allstar game with Kobe starting at SG/SF? He can play without the ball in his hands. Check Mate.

      • OK, I see where you are coming from with comparing the Regular Season to the Olympics (pressure, must-win, etc.) but to compare regular season games to an all-star game ?

        Anyways, Nash ( ) plays in a way that is not compatible with Kobe’s style. Nash was always best with runners like Amare, Boris Diaw, Barbosa and Coach D’Antoni is also a high-octance offense type of coach. Ten years ago Nash and Kobe would have torn up the league, but now … I don’t know man. Kobe needs to be the focus of the offense at all times (call it ego or ballhoggery or will-to-be-the-best) and Nash needs to be able to distribute the ball to up-court runners. Lakers will not make the playoffs

      • Gordondmoore says:

        Sure your right he always prove that he is a complete player.

  6. yup says:

    Im not a lakers fan but i love those jerseys

  7. Spell check says:


  8. Go Kobe! Bookmark my name.

  9. FEAR THE BEARD says:

    Houston Rockets.

  10. E.Balnik-ZaValee says:

    Hollywood is a hardworking town? Nice one, Jeanie xD Had a gr8 laugh!

    Like the unis tho.

  11. Can’t wait for the lakers to choke it up again….

  12. Lakers will not make the playoffs this year, KOBRICK will be putting up bricks like always and has to many miles on his legs, my prediction is that he’ll play half of the season and miss the playoffs again due to injury.

    • Wow... says:

      The term “brick” is suppose to go with Lebron, which makes Lebrick. We all know Kobe has one of the best jumpshots in the NBA, so i don’t know why you are calling Kobe “Kobrick”. Stupid Heat bandwagoner AND Laker hater.

  13. johnny g says:

    But Dwight is in Houston. You cant win no more fool.

  14. Kal El says:

    Not a Laker fan but this uniform are greater than the back in black uniform of the Miami Heat….

  15. otis says:

    new uniforms on a very old team will get u bad results! the old lakers may not make the playoffs this year!

  16. TheAll-Star136 says:

    black jerseys seem to work in every team

  17. Filipino Idiot says:

    This uniform will be remembered as one of the Lakers nation’s DARKEST moments. By the end of the season, Lakers nation will beg to burn this uniform. MARK MY WORD!

  18. miami 4 life says:

    My cousin is the fitness coach at Miami Heat and he gave me the inside word that Kobe will be amnestied this offseason and it has alreadt been arranged that he will be signed by the Heat. Apparently its all done and dusted but they have to wait two weeks to announce. The Heat were looking for depth with this pickup and i think it is good because they are able to keep all their players and kobe will get his ring. Cant wait – Miami 3peat 4 sure!!!!! New lineup:

    PG Rio/Cole
    SG Wade/Kobe/ Allen
    SF The King
    PF Bosh/Birdman
    C Oden/Anthony

    Champs 4 sure!!!

    • Tyler says:

      This is absolutely hilarious!! Kobe will never leave the Lakers nor will he get amnestied. He doesn’t need to go to other teams to win rings. #CountOnKobe #CountOnConsistency #YouAreAnIdiot

    • bullsnation says:

      not a kobe guy but dream on, ur cousin just probably wanted to u to be happy cuz the heat 3 peat will not happen, itll be myth on the other hand the bulls drose finals mvp and league mvp, besides kobe bleeds purple and gol(black now)
      BULLS NATION BABY!!!!!!!

    • Jeff says:

      I can imagine Kobe at the Heat, but he would have to learn that the ball cant always be in his hands. LMAO this is Soooooo not going to happen.

  19. tenby0630 says:

    Don’t count the LA Lakers just yet. With an upgraded roster of wing men who can slash and connect from the outside, they will still be dangerous this upcoming season. They will rebuild and compete for quality free agents for the next three years. They will not tank just to get into the lottery cause they are not known for being successful with their draft picks after Magic Johnson and James Worthy.

  20. Big Daddy Tweed says:

    Not a Lakers fan but love the Uniforms though!!!!!!!

  21. hog says:

    @McLuvin #Lakerfans_are_aholes

  22. malikdamon says:

    Y they mimicking the Miami Heat ‘so Back in Black uniform

  23. malikdamon says:

    Y r they mimicking the Miami Heat’s Back in Black uniforms

    • danteA says:

      mimicking??? what are an idiot??? is Miami the only team in the nba that wears black???? give it a rest and hush!!!!

  24. Bulls FAn says:

    Like the uniforms theyre pretty sick

  25. Waah says:

    Too bad, Dwight would have looked good in black lol.

  26. sports fan says:

    The Lakers need to focus on things other than new jerseys such as ……ahem…..chemistry.

  27. Jeff says:

    The Pelicans could learn from this….Are they still being sued by the Grizzlies for stealing their uniform… cant remember. And did anyone think to tell New Orleans what their initials spelt, I guess NOP. About as much chance as they have of improving their position this year. LA always has good uniforms. Prefer this one to the Purple one

  28. bulbulito says:

    i think they have a black jersey that they used before..well it’s nice that they bring it back again!

  29. KB24 in black and gold

  30. Eugene says:

    Those are great, like them a lot.

  31. losers says:

    dwelling on the past laker fans

  32. trolljan says:

    i think the bulls will win this time! i mean with jordan, pippen and rodman? seriously!!!

  33. ryan says:

    haters will hate…

  34. Thejan Fernando says:

    new “Men In Black” r going to have an amazing season this time…!!

  35. Frank says:

    The Lakers just want to look the same as the Spurs

  36. mex NZ says:

    Black is the in thing… all star warm ups were black, hiding the red white and blue… black alternative uniforms…
    adidas is biting the ALL BLACKS… kobe in black looks intimidating like Richie McCaw… mean

  37. Nick says:

    Love them, going to order 1 now!

  38. Jay says:

    They are preparing the Lakerland for the Dark Days of Baskeball. Just sayin..



  40. rocketsss713 says:

    any body else recognize kobes new art on his right arm???? almost looks like he tried to cover up those butterflies he had.

  41. ethan says:

    they are nice but its not going to help them win!

  42. illmatic says:

    sick jerseys for real….

    lakers will have a better reg season record this year however will still be out first round…no doubt

  43. wilkin says:

    This is alls coby creation, remember he was called or called himself the black mamba.

  44. Zpeh says:

    why are these clippers fans commenting, dont they know it lakerNATION..when there playing, they have to look up at our banners, its only one team in LA

  45. sammmmmmmmy says:


  46. crazyc502 says:

    not a lakers fan but I like it

  47. The Truth says:

    I’m a Boston fan. But Faker Nation is over!! The Clippers have taken over. What will the Faker fans do when the black worm retires? They will become Clipper Nation. Laker fans are faker than a Hollywood movie. Clippers are taking over LA!

    • danteA says:

      taken over???? in what??? now I know how boston fans are, you are a MORON!!! google this ” los angeles clippers championship” guaranteed nothing will show up….LOL try it

    • JaySmooth92 says:

      Someone is still bitter about losing to the Lakers in the 2010 Finals xD ha ha

  48. iCeYNyC says:

    I LoVe IT !!! moRe LA Splash and NigHT LiFe CoLoRs to go along with an awesome BAsKeT BaLL TeAM

  49. D-Fence says:

    Woah, great jerseys I must admit, they will be selling like hotcakes but still black Miami jerseys look better ๐Ÿ˜› I wonder if it is recompensation for probably not the best season of Lakers (to say at least) or icing on the cake to surprisingly good season

  50. Celtics4Eva says:

    Hate the Lakers, love the jerseys. NIce work.

  51. maorinash says:

    So they are actually the only new jersey that looks good. Can’t go wrong with having black in it I think.

  52. holyspectator says:

    funny how people bring up past accomplishments, not much is being said about recent times, or present…you Lakers fans do realize they not winning another ring in a very long time right? or it just hurts to say it? ahh i dont blame you..

  53. okc2014 says:

    Miami4Life always has some relative who works for the Heat, who has the inside scoop, that some major player will be traded or by amnesty and will start training camp w/ the Heat. I almost had a heart attack when he wrote a week or two ago, that Russell Westbrook was already traded and heading down to Miami. Then he lists the starters like he did today. I like how nobody responded to his comment (except me). By the way, love the Lakers new uniform. But they still aren’t going anywhere. Nice distraction though.

  54. killerlipz says:

    I love the jerseys!.. it would certainly match the elite shoes of Kobe.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  55. WOW! says:

    WOW! lakers must be a strong team again!?
    OR NOT!

  56. Kal says:

    Best. Lakers. Jerseys. Ever.

  57. LakerNation says:

    Yo. When the Lakers are the worst team ever, people will still know of how the Lakers was the best franchise for decades. Just like how the Celtics have barely anyone left, theyre still known for their championships and era’s. The Clippers are always gonna be in the shadow of the Lakers and Lakers will always be L.A’s team. The Clippers are known as Lob City, because that’s all they’re good at. They wont be getting a championship, or even a Western Conference Trophy for a while.

  58. Mako says:

    All of the Haters of LAL is sticking in to the fact that the Lakers can’t absorb or can’t adapt Mike D’ Antoni’s offense. Well lets see next season haters. Clippers? Who the hell are they? Yes they have CP3, Griffin and Doc. But still, they can’t be dominant as Lakers does in their past seasons. We are not living in the past. We owned the past.

    • Jeff says:

      Doc is am upgrade but there is something missing at Clippers not sure what it is. CP3 will need to dominate for Clippers to win west as I don’t see it coming from Griffin, he is totally reliant on other players setting him up. Athletic Yes, leader No. The Lakers will probably do a little better than last year as there aren’t as many ego’s holding court, although letting Earl Clarke go was a mistake, as he is young and has more improvement in him. I would watch one of the other California Teams for the most improvement. The Golden Gate will get better this year (even though they are not my team), and if a certain point guard doesn’t make the all-star team this year it will be a travesty (mind you the competition is fierce in the west).

  59. Stockton to Malone says:

    The black mamba has his ‘paws’ all around this new jersey intro

  60. chris surcey says:

    Turn up the lakers beast mode

  61. lets go lakers..
    go kobe bryant

  62. lets black lakers.. lets go kobe

  63. GMAC says:

    Ok, it’s obvious the Lakers will struggle this 2013/2014 season.. Even the most adamant Laker fan can’t deny that. It hurts me to say this, but I think the Lakers organization may be better off amnestying kobe’s 30+ mil upcoming contract and make the necessary moves for multiple max contract players. No team will trade for it, and his unwillingness to compromise has really put the Lakers in a bind.. This type of mentality will never be able to compete with the Rockets, Heat, Pacers etc.. who’s top players all take pay cuts to win. (Rockets haven’t done sh*t yet so we’ll see how that goes). I don’t see Kobe returning to the league after this season, but I can’t say this for sure. Either way, it may be time to admit that business wise, it’s about time to let go of the leagues highest payed player. Lakers fans are gonna be mad at this post because they’re really Kobe fans.. he’s an incredible player, but once he’s gone I really doubt how strong laker nation will be. If you’re a LAKER fan, I think you have to at least consider the possibility of letting mamba go.. am I wrong?

  64. kobe24 says:

    too much hate between la nation, we need to rise up against the heat #lakersarebetterthanclips

  65. JJOjPJO says:

    Can’t wait to use these uniforms in 2k14

  66. Teamakina says:

    Kobe is getting old. Lakers should have started rebuilding by trading role players from other teams. pau is getting soft compared to his brother Marc. They need youth or else they wont even reach the playoffs. For now, there just a mediocore team trying to relive the glory days. Hang up your jersey kobe, time to give it up. Miami is the new dynasty in the making!

  67. HeatNation says:

    Let’s not get too carried away, everybody knows this is the Miami Heat’s league for the next few years. They have a dynasty there ! Lakers are overrated, they need to get with the program. Kobe’s old, you can’t build around him forever. Obviously in today’s world the Clippers are the best team in LA.

  68. Legends says:

    hey clippers fans instead of us lakers (real team of LA) fans saying win a championship ill be more reasonable, just go to the finals. we own LA and always will. 16 championships>not even 1 appearance.

  69. Snup says:

    black uniform for a true mamba!

  70. Toepok says:


  71. BlackMamba says:

    Just like MJ said, Kobe is skilled! That means whether he is wearing “Hollywood Nights” uniform or their original uniform, it’s all about the game playing. Go Hard or Go Home…..Clippers?? Lets not get too excited. Lakers been in the game from the gecko!!! LakerNation!!!

  72. I Bleed Purple and Gold says:

    OMG, haters are everywhere these days. These 16 yo LeBron fans are clueless. The Lakers are never done. In the past we heard this over and over again when: Kareen retired, Magic retired, Shaq left…you guys never learn.

  73. TD says:

    Those uniforms are tight!!!

  74. charlieP says:

    Roman Empire could not have stand forever. Accept the new dynasty called LA CLIPPERS (no longer the L****). People will remember in the future. However, it is painful for those die hard Romans.

  75. hydlaker says:

    awesome jersey.

    these lakers are going to come back strong and will destroy all the other teams


  76. The Black Mamba says:

    Now he is the real BLACK MAMBA! SO FRESH!

  77. atief says:

    Really nice mix and match of color
    i’m not a fan of the Lakers nor Kobe Bryant but will absolutely add this to my collections.
    good job adidas