Nuggets, Jazz Get Huge New Scoreboards

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It used to be that scoreboards in arenas were there to tell the score. Eventually digital timekeeping devices were added, and then, I’m assuming, enough lights so we could see which players had scored enough points. Then video came along, and soon we had scoreboards that were essentially just humongous HD TVs. Sure, sometimes scoreboards have caused more problems than they have presented solutions. But these days, if your arena doesn’t have a huge HD scoreboard, you’re doing it wrong.

Which is why the Nuggets and Jazz, two regional rivals, are joining the great HD scoreboard race. The Nuggets scoreboard is called “Pepsi Vision,” and in the time lapse video above you can see the huge screen coming together. According to the Nuggets, the screen is a 16:9 ratio and true 1080p resolution. Oh, and it has 4,400 square feet of surface area. According to the Nuggets, this is the largest scoreboard in the NBA.


Meanwhile, in Salt Lake City, the Jazz are installing their own HD monster screens. The ones in Utah are part of a $15 million arena-improvement plan. The screens are also 1080p and represent 10-million pixel LED. They aren’t quite completely installed yet, but this weekend the Jazz shared a photo on their Facebook page of their big scoreboard being fitted for action…


Wonder which franchise would be willing to let me play a little NBA 2K14 on the big screen with my buddies? Anyone want in?


  1. J A says:

    How come they didn’t get 4k screens instead?

  2. R9rivera says:

    Count me in.

  3. HighAlt says:

    Heck yeah I’m in and I’m only an hour away from Pepsi center

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