Buy Michael Jordan’s Flu Game Shoes

1997 NBA Finals Game Five: Chicago Bulls v Utah Jazz

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the memorable NBA moments of my lifetime was Michael Jordan‘s “flu game” during Game 5 of the 1997 NBA Finals, when MJ scored 38 points and willed the Bulls to a win despite battling a 103-degree fever. (Whether or not it was actually the flu he was battling is still a subject of some debate.)

After that iconic Game 5, Jordan apparently gave the Air Jordan XII’s he wore in the game to a Jazz ball boy, who has had the shoes stashed in a safe place for the last 16 years. Until now.

As reported on Ball Don’t Lie, the ball boy who ended up with those kicks has decided to put the shoes up for auction. Bidding will open on November 18, and I’m guessing despite the years that have passed, these kicks will eventually go for a rather nice number.

Interested? Who isn’t. Start saving up now, people.


  1. ?????? says:

    i will only bid on them if it is guaranteed that the plot of Like Mike will become a reality.

    now that i think of it, in Like Mike, the shoes that Lil Bow Wow finds are MJ’s shoes from when he was a kid. he should have been bestowed with the skill of the MJ that got cut from his high school team, not MJ the god. of course, by that logic, wearing the flu game shoes would give you incredible abilities, but also the flu.

    sorry for thinking out loud. i need to stop this.

  2. Brian Mazzio says:

    Watching old school Bulls/Suns 93′ and the line came up saying the shoes were being put up for sale. I would live to be a part of the “bidding war”!! Can’t wait to see what happens. Thank you for giving all of Jordan fans a chance at this.

  3. Travis Best says:

    lolz i would have given the shoes to a kid wearing a bulls uniform though

  4. Travis Best says:

    damn jazz hotel room service poisoned jordan the night before with nasty pizza –

  5. Owen says:

    I admire the player. Not the shoes… especially not Flu Shoes!

  6. Buddy says:


  7. RPT says:

    This is what I love about our world, those shoes are going to be go thousands of dollars But you are not really buying a pair of shoes, you are buying something intangible. The memory them having been worn buy someone. He is a great player, that was a great game. But that moment is not captured between the soles and stitching. It no longer exists. But regardless we create value in inanimate objects based on a memory of something that was. Not something that is. All it is, is a pair of shoes.

  8. LebronFan says:

    I’d rather have kobe’s 81pt shoes.

  9. JevaleFan says:

    id rather have the Jevale mcgee peak shoes. wooow i love those shoes. the monents that hr sprnt in them is mind blowing, the memory captured in the soles and stiching, i love the man with all my heart. WE LOVE U JAVALE!! WEE DOOO!

  10. briq says:

    Who wants to bid for Kobe Bryant’s Achilles tendon breaker shoes and drose tore acl game kicks..anyone?

  11. Miami Heat GM says:

    Those shoes should take their talents to south beach

  12. @kickzkid23 says:

    the bulls team doc sed MJ didn’t have the flu…..he said it was food poisioning….lol

    sounds like a hater to me….let that boy cook…

  13. Jimbo says:

    Wonder if they smell ???

  14. WockaFlocka says:

    I hope he sneezed on them…

  15. Gustavo says:

    In all seriousness a forensics lab could be able to determine if the flue virus or any of that nature was deposited along with his sweat in the inside of the shoe. Not sure if it would last all these years but maybe a footprints of sorts of the bacteria. It would be interesting to help verify this story that way. With the technology nowadays I’m sure they would be able to find something; if there was anything to be found that is.

  16. NBAIQ says:

    Aw yes the epic food poison game. Looked more like a revenge game from MJ to me. Nice kicks, will sell fast.

  17. boobies says:

    stupid ball boy, should have sold them when MJ retired in 1998 and got more money.

    I am a Jordan and Bulls fan from the 1980s and I know bball cards and merchandise aint worth crap these days, a pair of Lebron shoes would fetch more than MJ. Kids know little of MJ these days he came in 1984, looooong time ago Bic

    • I AM LEGEND says:

      are you dumb bro? jordan releases retro of his shoes going for 300-500 dollars after they sell out. and most of the people buying it are KIDS that have only seen youtube videos of jordan’s greatness. i say the shoe easily goes for 75k

  18. freal says:

    I say the shoe sells for 25K

  19. Mike J says:

    Need 100% certificaton that the shoes was gaven to a Jazz ball-boy…

  20. JOHNNY says:

    I buy the “flu shoes” if only the flu is included in the shoes ! Toilet paper is ready…

  21. isack says:

    yeah… i’ll buy them: i’ll start with $0 and end with $0.
    will the shoes give me superpowers or something? NO!

    • ldj says:

      michael’s shoes barely scratch 20k. and thats probaly goin to a private collector who will find somebody dumb enough to buy them for 40k wait til kobe’s 81pt game shoes come out for sale. smh easy 100k

      • Sulsully says:

        Kobe’s 81 point game against the Toronto Craptors…definitely wasn’t a play-off game, and don’t really carry the same value and sentiment. Good job Kobe! Better job MJ!

  22. smack says:

    i want glen davis’ not-jumping-high-enough-to-dunk shoes

  23. kid darkness says:

    jordannnnnnnn was the g.o.a.t.

  24. emilio says:

    what about allen iverson practice shoes! that’s really unique

  25. I love looking through an article that will make people think.
    Also, thank you for allowing me to comment!

  26. Boxer says:

    Wonder how much the boxers he wore to that game will worth…