Which Nickname Would You Want On An NBA Jersey?

'Pistol' Pete Maravich of the New Orleans Jazz

‘Pistol’ Pete Maravich wore this jersey during a 1971 game as a member of the New Orleans Jazz.

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — News broke last night that the NBA was considering allowing some players to wear nicknames on their jerseys. Now, before the Fun Police show up and try to ruin this for everyone, let’s make clear that according to the story, this is just a one-time thing — one game, two teams (Miami and Brooklyn), for only one night. But it’s clearly indicative of an idea that the NBA is at the very least open to considering, even if only on a limited basis.

Nicknames on jerseys has happened in other sports — soccer players around the world do it now, and closer to home, former Braves owner Ted Turner once tried to give pitcher Andy Messersmith the nickname “Channel” so that his jersey would read “Channel 17,” a free ad for Turner’s nascent broadcasting business.

This has also taken place in the NBA and ABA, back in the day, as seen in the photo of “Pistol” Pete Maravich up top on this post. But as the NBA has grown in popularity and become more corporate, the wiggle room for fun stuff like nicknames on jerseys has been squeezed out.

As a person who is an avowed opponent of the Fun Police, I am one-thousand-million percent in favor of this idea, if only because I’m sure fans of different players would love to rock jerseys with nicknames on the back. Above and beyond the jerseys we night see in a Miami/Brooklyn game — KING JAMES, for instance — off the top of my head, here are some nicknames that would be neat to see on the back of official NBA jerseys…

BIRDMAN BIRDMAN — Chris Andersen

BIG SHOT — Chauncey Billups

BONES — Brent Barry throwback edition

MAMBA — Kobe Bryant, or…

VINO — Kobe Bryant

BIG BABY — Glen Davis


MANIMAL — Kenneth Faried

BOOBIE — Daniel Gibson

AK-47 — Andrei Kirilenko

LINSANITY — Jeremy Lin

KRYPTO-NATE — Nate Robinson

Now you tell us, which nickname jerseys would you like to see?


  1. newyorksteelo says:

    Carmelo “Unstoppable” Anthonyyyyyyy!

  2. oliver says:

    cp3, drose

  3. JoshuaJWay says:


    • Brock says:

      You know who else put nicknames on the back of their jersey’s, the XFL. Never heard of it? Probably cause it was a joke, just like this would be. If they want to make jersey’s with the nicknames on the back for the fans then do it, you don’t need to put it on players jersey’s in an actual game. Leave that for the street ball tour and leave the credibility in the game for the best league in the world, the NBA.

    • Jersey Nick Name says:

      Nickname cannot be on jersey for many reasons. CP3?? That’s too boring. King James? That’s BullS**! Does Lebron really think he is a King? Mamba or Vino? I can live with that..

      • meowcat says:

        so by your logic then kobe thinks he is literally a snake, obviously you just don’t like LeBron, maybe its time to be honest with yourself, recognize your bias, then grow up and get past it because its immature and pointless.

      • hi says:

        Actually, the name “LeBron” is from Africa and it translates to “King”. So Lebron James is literally “King” James.

  4. gonz says:

    Crash or G-Force or G-Crash – for gerald wallace

  5. chris says:

    lincanity? how about vincanity!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Whisker says:

    Dwight “The Queen” Howard
    Carmelo “No Defense” Anthony

  7. I would like to see mamma on Kobe jersey

  8. Ro says:

    I know they mentioned it, but Shuttlesworth for Ray Allen!!
    Flop King for Manu?

  9. claiborne says:

    King James for me by LeBron James

  10. Mike says:

    “King” – LeBron

  11. dd def says:

    L-Train – LaMarcus Aldridge

  12. SWISH34 says:


  13. RPT says:

    Uhhh FLASH – D Wade anybody????

  14. Kippa says:

    Jesus – Ray Allen

  15. freal says:

    Durantula – KD
    G.O.A.T – Jordan
    His Airness – Jordan
    Diesel – Shaq
    Man of Steel – Shaq
    Glyde – Clyde Drexler
    The Glove – Gary Payton
    Big Ticket – Kevin Garnett
    Will Smith – Al Horford

  16. Konstantinas says:

    Ray Allen – Jesus Shuttlesworth

  17. GL says:

    Carmelo “Ball Stopper” Anthony

  18. MBeats says:

    Take it one step further… Team nicknames for one game only. Imagine “Lob City” (Clippers), with CP3 on the back or “High Griffinition”. New Logo, new jersey. If the jersey’s were sold, limited edition, each year being different. I feel like people would get behind that and buy it up as well. Just an idea. or just the original names of the teams back from the divided ABA-NBA.

  19. kulangot says:

    guess who these are:
    kg / the franchise
    the truth
    the king
    uncle drew
    the big flopper
    cry baby

  20. jcroxx : jamal Crawford
    Sniper : Stephen Curry
    Uncle Drew: Irving LOL
    King James : LeBron
    Kevin : kevin Durant

  21. Corey says:

    This would kill the league. Back in the day they used to do this (Pistol, Iceman, etc.) and what we got was a league full of hotheads and thugs. The games would end in fist fights and egos running over, the game of basketball was forgotten. Now the greatness of some of the players cannot be questioned but why revert? Why go back to that?

  22. Guest says:

    Nicknames on jerseys, I guess the main motivation here is to drive up jersey sales?

  23. wec says:

    Knick Killer

  24. Big Ticket Item says:

    Big Ticket – KG, The Truth – Pierce, Durantula-Kevin Durant, K-love – Kevin love, The Godfather-Nikola Pekovich, The Spanish Sensation- Ricky Rubio,

  25. kmcf says:

    Ray Allen = Jesus Shuttlesworth
    Vince Carter = Vinsanity; Half-Man, Half-Amazing
    KD = Durantula
    Daniel Gibson = Boobie
    KG = Big Ticket
    Paul Pierce = The Truth
    Jeff Green = Green Monster; The Predator
    James Harden = The Beard
    Serge Ibaka = Air Congo
    Ersan Ilyasova = Turkish Thunder
    Steve Nash = Hair Canada; Captain Canada
    Lamar Odom = The Candy Man
    Zach Randlph = Z-Bo
    Josh Smith = J-Smoove
    Jason Terry = JET
    Dwyane Wade = Flash
    Gerald Wallace = Crash
    Anthony Morrow = Chocolate Reign
    Matt Bonner = The Red Rocket
    Corey Maggette = Bad Porn
    Danilo Gallinari = The Rooster
    Caron Butler = Tough Juice
    Corey Brewer = The Drunken Dribbler
    Andrew Bynum = Socks
    Jared Dudley = Junkyard Dog
    Udonis Haslem = Udominator
    Al Jefferson = Big Al
    Kyle Korver = K-squared
    Chris Kaman = The Caveman
    Luc Richard M’bah a Moute = The Prince
    Andre Miller = The Penguin

  26. Allen Iverson says:

    I’m in… “The Answer”

  27. Tucker says:

    Birdman would be better on his jersey than Birdman Birdman. Sorry Shaq but you aren’t funny… Or intelligent.. Or that nice.

  28. Lichen says:

    AK 47 is just soo sick!

  29. Josh JR says:

    Then theres Wade aka The Flash, Lebron James aka The King or King James, Zach Randolph aka Big Z, Jamal Crawford aka Crossover Crawford, Kyrie Erving aka Uncle Drew.

  30. Cesar Tamez says:

    “Air” Jordan
    “Magic” Johnson
    “The Dream” Olajuwon
    “The Mailman” Malone
    “The Worm” Rodman

  31. JayAguilera92 says:

    VINO! with the new black lakers jersey 😮 would be freakin cleeeaaannnn.

  32. Jolan says:

    Flash – Dwayne Wade

  33. Mario says:

    Javale: Fool
    Durant: KD
    Parker: TP
    Howard: Coward? jk Superman !
    Curry: Baby Face
    Anthony: Melo
    Noah: Jooks
    Kirilenko: AK47 (not sure this one will be allowed :D)
    Westbrook: Fashion Icon

  34. Chris says:

    Serge Ibaka- Iblocka!

  35. steagle says:

    By far the best would be THE TRUTH!

  36. ?????? says:


  37. qwerty says:

    I don’t think they will allow boobie as a jersey:D

  38. Tony says:

    The truth for Paul Pierce
    Big Ticket for KG
    The Beard for Harden

  39. Raj says:

    “FLASH” – D-Wade “Dinosaur” – Chris Bosh “THE KING” LBJ or “THE MVP” LBJ

  40. jonathan says:

    Black Mamba for kobe bryant

  41. bball says:

    “The Admiral” Robinson
    “The Answer ” Iverson

  42. Josef says:

    LeBron – King
    Derek Fisher – D-Fish
    Jamal Crawford – Jamal Crossover

  43. nyknicks says:

    paul pierce- truth,
    wade- flash
    james- king james
    jason terry- jet

  44. Kizzle says:

    D. Wade: “Flash” or “Three”

  45. Turk says:

    Jesus-Ray Allen

  46. Underrated nicknames says:

    Jerry West-The Logo
    Gilbert Arenas-Agent Zero
    Larry Johnson-Grandmama
    Kurt Rambis-Rambo
    Brian Scalabrine-The White Mamba!!!

  47. nate the heat peat says:

    nick names will make the NBA a JOKE!!! keep the nicknames for the fans to use not for the jersys…. just IMO

  48. Marco says:

    STAT – Amare Stoudemire
    Flash- Dwayne Wade
    Orangeman- Carmelo
    Spanish Armada- Rudy Fernandez
    & Sergio Rodriguez
    Jesus Shuttlesworth – Ray Allen
    Captain Canada- Steve Nash
    Durantula- Kevin Durant
    CP3 – Chris Paul
    J-Smoove- Josh Smith
    Dwightmare – Dwight Howard
    The Beard – James Harden
    Oops i forgot to rebound – Deandre Jordan
    Jet – Jason Terry & Kenny smith ( throw back )
    Houdini – Jamal Crawford
    Vinsanity- Vince Carter
    Booooooooooo! – Kris Humphries
    20/10 or ZBO Zach Randolph
    Bash Brothers – Mark and Zach( Griz)
    The Grind Father – Tony Allen
    Timmy – Tim Duncan ( hes too humble for fundamental on his back)
    Cat with 9 Lives – Michael Beasley
    Kia Guy- Blake Griffon
    Goose – Klay Thompson
    Maverick – Stephcurry
    Captain Jack – Stephen Jackson
    No New Friends – Deshawn Stevenson

  49. Getmorebuckets says:

    Paul Pierce-The Truth
    Ray Allen-Jesus Shuttlesworth
    KG-Big Ticket
    Kyrie Irving-Uncle drew
    Tim Duncan-Big Ticket
    Jamal Crawford-The Difference
    Lebron-King James

  50. byesee says:

    Goran ”The Dragon” Dragic

    Javale ”Triple trouble” McGee

  51. nate the heat peat says:

    this is the NBA not nick jr. nicknames are cool just not on the jerseys.

  52. JT says:

    I really want “Nashty” for Steve Nash!!!

  53. nate the heat peat says:

    its fun to use nicknames while watching them play, but if these are the “pros” then they are taking away “proffessional”

  54. mark says:

    this is the nicknames for lebron cry baby flopper queen james,MVP as in most vicious player,and most of all the referre payer

  55. SmoothMM says:

    Nicknames would be alright… Maybe not every night on a jersey but it would be fun. If not nicknames, I say initials (i.e. KG for Kevin Garnett, TD – Tim Duncan, JT – Jason Terry, AK – Andrei Kirilenko, KB – Kobe Bryant, etc.) for veteran players and rookies/sophmores wear their regular last name.

  56. highblood says:

    nicknames is fun only during special games like the all star. but how about during the regular season? I think we should give nicknames to the bench.. let’s start with Luke Walton – “Bench Warmer”; Or.. “Warmed Up”, “Break My Sweat” or”Too Cold”

  57. Musashi says:

    Labron “LeFLOP” James

  58. ',__,' says:

    Patrick Beverly – Knee Crusher
    Bruce Bowen- Face Kicker
    Andrew Bynum – Rib Breaker

  59. James S says:

    Joel Przybilla-Vanilla Gorilla

  60. Mauricio says:

    What about Nene?
    He is already using his nickname on the back of his jersey.

  61. Matthew Nguyen says:

    Shaquille O’Neal: Diesel!

  62. XG says:

    Not many people would buy or wear a jersey with “Big Baby” or “Boobie” at the back

  63. Kevin says:

    Lamarcus Aldridge l-train nic batum batumshockalocka

  64. ANONYMOUS says:

    Linsanity is great!!!

  65. brian says:

    I’m surprised no one has mentioned this one:

    Royce white – Houdini

  66. kyle says:

    paul pierce- the truth
    -josh Smith- j smooth
    kelly olynyk- the klynyk
    Kevin Garnett- the big ticket/kg
    josh smith-swish
    kris Humphries- Kardashian. (lol)

  67. Nykallday says:

    “Swish”-JR Smith
    “Stat”- Amare Stoudemire
    “Melo”- Carmelo Anthony
    “Shump”- Iman Shumpert
    “Bargs”- Andrea Bargnani
    “Guacamole Dip”- Ron Artest

  68. Jake says:

    Lebron “Travelling Violation” James

  69. rowan says:


  70. Genetikfreak says:

    Chris Bosh : RuPaul !!

  71. oz says:

    I’d like to see this happen just on the all-star weekend

  72. catahoula says:

    d. west = nutroll

    ildrunas zylgoskas = the big z

    dr j = dr j

    d. wilkins = the human highlight film

    magic = magic

    bird = hick from french lick

    charles barkley = fat a**

  73. alex says:

    kwame brown “he hate me”
    royce white “rolls”
    steve nash “adam levine”
    greg oden “sam bowie” OR “mulligan”
    andrew “i TOLD you i could park there” bynum

  74. sports fan says:

    Shaq O’Neal – superman
    Dwight Howard – superman reboot
    Kurt Rambis – Clark Kent
    Allen Iverson – practice
    Andrew Bynum – bowler
    Kobe Bryant – MJ’s son
    LeBron James – flop king
    Manu Ginobli – lefty
    Jeremy Lin – righty

  75. mr8 says:

    Asian sensation-jermeny lin

  76. Thomas F says:

    Down Under – Kyrie Irving

    ILlL WILL – Deron Williams

    AirSmith/J – Smoove – Josh Smith

    Fearless – Derrick Rose

    Rayn Man – Ray Allen

    Lights Out – Stephen Curry

    G Force – Paul George

  77. atief says:

    The beard-James Harden
    KG – Kevin Garnett
    Jesus Shuttlesworth – Ray Allen

  78. Cornelius Payne says:

    Durant- Baby Ice or Durantula
    Jamal Crawford- JCrossover
    Andre Iguodala- Iggy
    Dwayne Wade- Flash
    Kevin Garnett- The Big Ticket
    Paul Pierce- The Truth
    Kobe- Black Mamba
    Andrei Kirilenko- AK-47
    Lebron James- The Chosen One
    Gilbert Arenas- Agent Zero
    Zach Randolph- Z-Bo
    Steve Nash- Hair Canada
    Ron Artest- TruWarrior
    “Captain” Kirk Hinrich
    Michael “B-Easy” Beasley
    Caron Butler- Tough Juice
    Matt Bonner- Red Rocket
    Baron Davis- Boom Dizzzle
    Shawn Marion- The Matrix
    Josh Smith- J-Smoove
    Rafer Alston- Skip 2 My Lou

  79. D. says:

    Derrick Rose-The return

  80. TooShortTooOld says:

    How would this affect jersey sales at all?

    The NBA does realize that they already sell custom jerseys, right? Meaning anyone who wants a #6 Heat jersey with “King James” on the back, or a #24 “Black Mamba” Lakers jersey, or ANY other combination of team, number and name, can already buy them.

    You want a nickname jersey? Just buy it. You don’t have to wait for your player to wear it in a game.

  81. Jimbo says:

    The idea of a nickname on the back of a professional NBA player’s jersey is strictly playground, but you got game Cornelius…nailed it with your nicknames. Just one question, what moniker would you give Westbrook ?

  82. Joao Portugal says:

    “Tragic Bronson” – Javale McGee

  83. Jimbo says:

    How about LeBron “I’m taking my talents to South Beach” James ??

  84. Paul Jones says:

    AK47 won’t be allowed surely, not if the Bullets had to change their name to the Wizards. It should be allowed of course, I mean, what’s one more gun reference in the USA huh?

  85. Blind Lemon Pye says:

    JaVale McGee – Tragic Bronson

  86. Name Not Required says:

    D-Rose – Pooh

  87. Diego Muñoz says:

    “The king”

  88. Vrin says:

    VINO! with the new black lakers jersey 😮 would be freakin sick

  89. BOOM! says:

    the best one is obviously! ….wait for it……. THE ROUND MOUND OF REBOUND..CHARLES freakin’ BARKLEY.

  90. Boombox says:

    Lebron James “King”

  91. I like the idea, maybe just for one game or maybe fun like late night weekend games. But not all nba players have nicknames so it would be cool to see what players have what. It only would be fun only if fans give the nicknames to players not them make up there own. Lets face it not all nba players are hott or had big enough careers to earn a nickname or given one.

  92. thor says:

    for god sake how dare u use ”linsanity”? it’s a Blasphemy! the one and the only who deserve to be called with the world ”insane” is VC and his nick ”vincanity”!

  93. SmasheR says:

    I would like to have “The Great” Nate Robinson 🙂

  94. Danny says:

    Dirk Nowitzki–“Dirty”, “Tall Baller From The G”, “Swish 41”

  95. Tracy Mcgrady says:

    Say what you want, I still love T – Mac on my back!

  96. Bobby says:

    You can’t handle The Truth = Paul Pierce

  97. BernieG says:

    kobe Bryant- CLUTCH
    Lebron James- Fake King
    Kevin Durant- Westbrook boy
    Carmelo Anthony- Ball Hog
    Westbrook- FashionMaster
    Rondo- RefreeBumper
    Paul pierce- Truth
    Kevin Garnet- SweatMan

  98. tmac says:

    hello nba fans missing out on the best nickname ever
    Tracy McGrady- T-MAC

  99. Elliott says:

    Surely Harden should just be called: The Beard
    Chris Copeland : Predator

  100. janzz says:

    Kobe Bryant-“BlackMamba” , “Vino”, “Clutch”
    Tim Duncan-“Old Wise Man”
    Steve Nash-“Nashty”
    pau Gasol-“Soft”

  101. henri says:

    JR Smith- JR Swish

  102. Faster says:

    The Answer……Allen Iverson

  103. FIBA_RULES says:


  104. John Smith says:

    D) I don’t think it is proper to allow NBA players nicknames on their jerseys. Even though Pistol Pete was an exception, there are simply too many other players with nicknames and would just confuse newer viewers on who the announcers are referring to if their real name isn’t on the back of their jerseys.

  105. John Smith says:

    I don’t think it is proper to allow NBA players nicknames on their jerseys. Even though Pistol Pete was an exception, there are simply too many other players with nicknames and would just confuse newer viewers on who the announcers are referring to if their real name isn’t on the back of their jerseys.

  106. ANTONELLO#14 says:

    ….just one name: HIS AIRNESS 🙂

  107. noel regaya says:

    airness – michael jordan

  108. Donte says:

    Kobe: Black Mamba on black Jerseys would be sick.
    Steve Nash: Nashty
    Kyrie: Uncle Drew

  109. 1-Rajon Rondo- The Clinic

    2-Kevin Garnett- KG or The Big Ticket

    3-Paul Pierce- The Truth

    4-Blake Griffin- POSTERIZED

    5- Russel Westbrook- Mr. Fastbreak

  110. NyK says:

    Scottie Pippen to Karl Malone before shooting free throws in the NBA finals: “the Mailman doesn’t deliver on Sundays”

  111. NyK says:

    Anyone remember “The Reign Man” when he played up in Seattle?

  112. Gavin says:

    Lebron James nickname “King James”

  113. KDALLTHEWAY says:

    How in the world can you forget THE BEARD

  114. Ikaika says:

    Air Jordan – Michael Jordan
    Melo – Carmelo Anthony
    Durantula – Kevin Durant
    King James or The Chosen One – Lebron James
    The Truth – Paul Pierce
    Vinsanity – Vince Carter
    Diesel – Shaq
    Skip 2 My Lou – Rafer Alston
    AK-47 – Andrei Kirilenko
    The answer – Allen Iverson
    T-Mac – Tracey McGrady
    Black Mamba – Kobe Bryant
    Dr. J – Julius Erving
    Magic – Erving Johnson
    The Big Ticket – Kevin Garnett
    Pistol Pete – Pete Maravich
    The Glide – Clyde Drexler
    Big O – Oscar Robinson
    Mr. Big Shot – Chauncey Billups
    Big Baby – Glen Davis
    The Franchise – Steve Francis
    The Mailman – Karl Malone
    The Glove – Gary Payton
    Mr. Fundamental – Tim Duncan
    K-Mart – Kenyon Martin
    JR Swish – JR Smith
    STAT – Amare Stoudemire
    J-Kidd – Jason Kidd
    C-Webb – Chris Webber
    J-Smoove – Josh Smith
    JCrossover – Jamal Crawford
    Legend – Larry Bird
    Tiny – Nate Archibald
    Spud – Anthony Webb
    Zo – Alonzo Morning
    DWade – Dwayne Wade
    Z-Bo – Zach Randolph
    The Matrix – Shawn Marion
    Red Rocket – Matt Bonner
    Novakaine – Steve Novak
    Uncle Drew – Kyrie Irving
    Booby – Daniel Gibson
    Iggy – Andre Iguodala
    CP3 – Chris Paul
    DRose – Derrick Rose
    D-will – Deron Williams
    Boom Dizzle or B.Diddy – Baron Davis
    Earthquake Blake – Blake Griffin
    “B-Easy” – Michael Beasley
    Agent Zero – Gilbert Arenas
    The Human Highlight Film – Domnique Wilkins
    The Beast – Ben Wallace
    Sheed – Rasheed Wallace
    Flight – James White
    The Beard – James Harden
    JET – Kenny Smith & Jason Terry
    Chuck – Charles Barkley
    Big Game James – James Worthy
    Zeke – Isaiah Thomas
    The Pearl – Earl Monroe
    The Big Dipper or The Stilt – Wilt Chamberlain
    The Dream – Hakeem Olajuwon

  115. Qu24 says:

    People don’t read and just want their 2 cents. Its for promotional games, or just one regular season game or so, READ! IT It takes away nothing from the game, they do it all the time, from throwbacks, to latin nights, to christmas jerseys. It’s all the same.

    Here are some That haven’t seemingly been mentioned. My apologies if otherwise

    Andrea Bargnani – “Il Mago(The Magician)”
    Marco Belinelli – “Beli”
    Chauncey Billups – “Mr. Big Shot”
    Eric Bledsoe – “Mini Lebron”
    Chris Bosh –(I think he should be “reptar” but he has publically been coined as) “CB4”, “The Boshtrich”, “Boshasaurus”
    Derek Fisher – “D-Fish”
    Danilo Gallinari – “Gallo”
    Paul George – “King George”(I clearly wasn’t paying attention when this was coined)
    Manu Ginobili – “Obi-Wan Ginobili”, “El Contusione”
    Ben Gordon – “Madison Square Gordon”(suppose outdated now…)
    Marcin Gortat – “The Polish Hammer”
    Kirk Hinrich – Captain Kirk
    NOT SURE HOW ANYONE FORGOT THIS ONE(didnt see it mentioned, but i did start skimming after a while)..
    Shawn Marion – “The Matrix”
    Jameer Nelson – “Mighty Mouse”, “Crib Midget”
    Tony Parker – “TP”
    Kurt Thomas – “Mid Life” (He’s still sort of an active player..some one may pick him out of free agency one of these days…)
    Anderson Varejao – “Wild Thing”

  116. soyouu514 says:

    Greg “Lebron’s Dad” Oden
    Greg “Uncle” Oden

  117. B says:

    Ron Artest- Meta World Peace…. wait wut?