Amir Johnson Really Likes Drake

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Raptors started from the bottom, now they’re here. And earlier this week, one of the music world’s most popular artists, Drake, dropped his newest album, Nothing Was The Same. Drake, who hails from Canada, has been getting well-wishes from across the NBA for the release, such as this note from, oh, this LeBron James guy, who posted the album cover and wrote in the caption, “Congrats fam with this project. I know how much work u put into it and to see it all come together like this is incredible!! We’ll celebrate it when it goes Platinum for sure!!!”

But is anyone a bigger Drake fan than Toronto Raptors C Amir Johnson? Over a year ago, Johnson posted to Instagram a shot of his late night hoops crew working out at the Raptors training facility, a group that included not only Drake but Justin Bieber as well…

This week, to celebrate Drake’s new record release, Johnson went to two record stores in Toronto and bought every copy of the album…

And what’s a man to do with thousands of copies of Drake’s CD? How about give them away to fans who show up at the store…

Good on you, Amir.

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  1. great job amir….you just wasted your money for some useless cr@p…how about giving the money you wasted to the needy instead?

  2. Raptorsfan says:

    AMIR JOHNSON IS THE MAN! The Heart and soul of RAPTORS!!!!

  3. evar says:

    Leave your trailer and step out to get in touch with the real world once in awhile buddy
    Props to Amir for giving back to the community

  4. lmao says:

    That music is just going to corrupt and distract people from the real world. Why not just use that money for good. Drake got money already. Nobody wants to hear his weird a** sing all the time

  5. SB says:

    Its not bad or good, its just strange!

  6. TDOT says:

    AMIR is the heart and soul of the RAPTORS! GOOD ON YOU AMIR

  7. TDOT says:


  8. glen hutchings jr says:

    That Drizzy Drake is that work. Dope album keep up the good work Drake.

  9. GtothaZ says:

    Do you think those kids can eat those record/cd’s when they get hungry??? NBA Players should use their heads when it comes on spending their money. I know it’s not my money but hey, millions of people across this country are in bad shape! C’mon now! Be wise! Ugh!

  10. Dave says:

    If it were hockey Amir would realistically be wearing a big A on his Raptor jersey, dedicated his money to giving back to fans and to the city! And because he works so hard on the court! He is a fan favourite! Go Raptors!

  11. Marvin says:

    Amir all the way!!!!!!

  12. freal says:

    Jock-riding much?

  13. Mo says:

    I like the move in its essence, but not if it means supporting an already platinum certified artist. for greater diversity and quality in the music biz, one should go and buy every copy of some indie-/underground artist and then hand it out to people. but ok, a fan is a fan and a fan must do, what a fan has to do.

  14. Don't Ever click my name!! YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED... says:

    man I still miss the Bosh days in toronto… the non-flopping, actually allstar Bosh, not the one who never gets recognition cus of Dwade and Leflop….

    Amirs good too…

  15. Kramoyag says:

    Drake? Booooo!

  16. LemW says:

    Smart move business wise. Amir Johnson spend $5000.00 for the CD’s. Amir Johnson, however, will get $30,000.00 in publicity. This will boost endorsements value. It’s a win win situation for Amir Johnson and Drake.

  17. jabari says:

    These guys are actual friends. Can’t hate on him for supporting a friends album platinum or not. How are ppl telling this man how he should spend his money.