Milwaukee Bucks Unveil New Court


ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — For years now basketball teams have been experimenting more and more with their uniforms as a way to customize their look, to separate themselves from the pack of other teams. So perhaps the natural extension of that race for singularity is for teams to make the design of the actual basketball court more unique.

Yesterday the Milwaukee Bucks held a press conference to show off their new court design, which is actually influenced by their past. As you can see in the image above, the court has two giant letter Ms in a darker wood, which is a nod to the court the Bucks used back in the ’70s when they played at The MECCA arena. That court, seen here, was designed by pop artist Robert Indiana, and according to the Milwaukee Journal-Sentinel was called by some the largest pop art painting in the world.

Bucks C Larry Sanders loves art, and was on hand for the new court unveil. “It looks really fierce,” Sanders told the J-S. “It has a sharp edge to it. Also it looks kind of simple, like we’re here to do our job. We’re here for business.

“And it’s green; it’s not too colorful. It’s not too distracting. I think it’s awesome.”


  1. dustydreamnz says:

    Simple but boring to look at in my opinion. Traditionalists will like it.

  2. Bucks4Life says:

    The day that they decal the court w/ an NBA Finals logo will be the best day ever.

  3. theblatche says:

    Damn thats a hot looking court

  4. freal says:

    I wouldn’t of even noticed the Ms if they weren’t pointed out.

  5. I live in Milwaukee so I can’t wait to see the new court. Wish the Bucks would let me have a tryout tho smh.

  6. Real_And1_GM says:

    O.J. Mayo better go back to Jordan Camp