Kyrie Irving’s Dance Off

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Cavs G Kyrie Irving took a trip to Gauteng, South Africa with UNICEF last month, where he “participated in a variety of educational programs supported by UNICEF’s Schools For Africa initiative.”

In the story linked to above, it notes that Kyrie “witnessed a wide range of UNICEF Schools for Africa programs in Gauteng Province, visiting primary and secondary schools in both Soweto and Randfontein, where he engaged with students, teachers and administrators.”

“Even with the challenges they face, it was inspiring to see how much the kids want to learn and how hard the teachers are working,” he said. “I saw first-hand how early childhood education and school sports activities are making a difference in these kids’ lives.”

Great stuff, and good on Kyrie for getting out there, raising awareness and helping to make a difference. And as Yahoo’s Dan Devine notes, while Kyrie was visiting these schools, it appears that he engaged in a few dance-offs. There is no conversation in these videos, but then, none is needed to put a smile on everyone’s face…

Gettin down in Soweto!! Lol @unicef_southafrica #imnotadamcertho #unicef

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  1. GG says:

    What can’t Uncle Drew do? =)

  2. Mike says:

    It’s really nice of him to commit onto helping the needy kids in Africa but why is he teaching them those dance moves ? Haven’t those children suffered enough ?

  3. Kramoyag says:

    im so excited for next season ! who needs him as long as your there ! Go Cavs !