JaVale McGee Will Prank You

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Denver C JaVale McGee has become a favorite around these parts for all the laughs he has generated, both intentionally and unintentionally. (For confirmation, have fun digging around in here.)

So we shouldn’t be surprised to find out a random bit of information, such as that JaVale McGee has a car horn that sounds like a very loud train. If you were walking down the street in Denver and you suddenly thought a very loud train was bearing down on you, you would probably jump. Just like all the people in this video JaVale made, where he drives around scaring people with his car horn.

That video is from a few weeks back. But just in case anyone forgot, yesterday JaVale showed his teammate Anthony Randolph that when JaVale’s around, you better keep your head on a swivel.


  1. tl says:

    lol i can’t wait to see how people react to this.. the youtube comment was disabled but now people can comment here!!!

  2. shotgun says:

    That’s uncool, impolite and, imo, not funny.

  3. sarvesh says:

    i hate javale ju r good pranker sexy pranks

  4. freal says:

    what a goof

  5. Dan says:

    Who the hell cares if it’s rude, it’s funny and he enjoys having fun

  6. Tom says:

    Such a man-child…

  7. Prankster says:

    Imagine, Denver gets 3 blocks a game with this guy in only 18 minutes of play and they’re about to start him. Whoever said immaturity transfers to the court obviously has not met this guy

  8. Tony says:

    It’s not about being rude but JaVale shoudnt cry if people regard him as a clown, because he basically proved it..

  9. Dwayne Atlas says:

    What a piece of total crap. I hate freaking morons that do this in my neighborhood. F***ing loser.

  10. g0dlyk says:

    such a waste of talent. if only he would get an attitude that would take him to the next level.this kid has a lot of potential but such a childish behaviour ruins or prolonging his upcoming all star status. one thing im sure tho is, hes an all star in shaqtin a fool. probaby the reason why iggy left for warriors…

  11. Travis Best says:

    isnt javale …25? kids do these things. mcgee over the years has been locked in a cage, or in the terrible wizards donkfest. mcgee has worked on his footwork, post moves, and yes even a short range jumper extremely hard. the sky is the limit for mcgee. deandre jordan could be added in the same boat most days. mcgee has some of the most amazing plays of the year. from blocks to dr j style dunks. mcgee is an amazing athlete to watch. yes some of his game is all tree – a few bonehead bad decisions -yes – but man this dude has more potential than any other player in the league!

  12. Blind Lemon Pye says:

    Look at everyone crying at this prank! Is an NBA player NOT allowed to have fun off the court anymore? If Kobe were doing this, everyone would be praising him for such a thing…

  13. Demetria Agnew says:

    Javele so handsome luv dat smile sexy eyes