Stephen Curry To Wear Flavored Mouthguard

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Mouthguards have become something of a regular thing in basketball the last two decades, as more and more players have elected to wear them, for preventative purposes as much as anything. Golden State’s Stephen Curry has made his something of an accessory, as he constantly chews on it in between plays.

Golden State Warriors v Sacramento Kings

As you can see in the image above, these days mouthguards can be customized with images, or even motivational slogans, as we saw with LeBron James, who wore a mouthguard with “XVI” printed on it during the 2012 Playoffs, a nod to the 16 wins the Heat would need to win a title.


So if you’re looking for ways to innovate within the mouthguard industry, a flavored mouthguard would seem to be the next step. And lo-and-behold, check out what Curry tweeted last night…

And real quick, before you get too perplexed, it turns out “Steph Curry flavor” is actually lemonade…

According to the MoGo website, their mouthguards come in several flavors: blue raspberry, fruit punch, lemon, mint, orange and bubble gum.

Someone call me when they come out with a bacon-flavored version, and I’ll wear one while blogging.


  1. Jarvis says:

    if you mold your mouthguard in flavoured water then it’ll taste like that, ive been doing that since i was 8

  2. luke says:

    gerald wallace has already been doing this for years

  3. wow says:

    Oh yea I cant wait to have steoh currys flavor in my mouth while I am playing ball.

  4. james says:

    artificial colours and flavours are scientifically linked to a whole range of sickness and disease.

  5. Jarvis you missing out on millions buddy says:

    Then you missed the boat because you should be getting paid for it….JARVIS!!!

  6. V says:

    1st flavored mouthguard? Man, at my old job we were making flavored mouthguards since 2002, peppermint and bubblegum flavored.

  7. jimmyq says:

    i hope its not cancerous

  8. Real_And1_GM says:

    Flavored with what.?? Steroids.? Beef Jerky.? Red Bull.? Really..??!!

  9. L_dawg says:

    How about a curry flavour

  10. Dillon says:

    Lebron has one it tastes like back to back championships and 3 mvps

  11. tip says:

    lebrons mouth guard looks like hes got some messed up teeth lol