Kevin Seraphin, Snakes and Skeletons

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In the history of NBA players with awesome pets, it will forever be tough to top Mike Miller, who as a rookie in Orlando had a pet monkey that once escaped from his house and rode up and down his street on the back of his dog. (That might be the greatest first sentence to a blog post of all time.)

But Wizards big man Kevin Seraphin is apparently attempting to give Miller a run for his money. Late last season it was discovered that Seraphin had a bird named April and a snake named, naturally, Snakey. Unfortunately, as Seraphin explained at the Wizards media day on Friday, Snakey is no longer a member of the Seraphin family, having apparently made a run for it…

And if a rogue snake wasn’t enough trouble around the house, according to a recent Instagram post from Seraphin, a skeleton that he owns has recently learned how to ride a Segway, and is now wreaking havoc around his apartment.

(Snakey via NBC Sports)

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  1. They really get bored here at during the offseason, don’t they?