New NBA Season, New NBA Uniforms

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — With teams gathering for media days and the 2013-14 season just around the corner, we’re also getting our first looks at some of the new uniforms we’ll see in the NBA this season. We’ve already seen some sneak peeks, and some teams — such as the Suns and Pelicans — have had press events to display their new looks. But there are even more unis that have dropped, including over the last few days. For instance, the Warriors have debuted new white short-sleeved jerseys, and most recently the Clippers are showing off their “Back in Blue” uniforms, which features a light-blue color for the first time since the team was based in San Diego in 1985. (Also, I love the three nautical flags on the shorts which represents each of the team’s letters – L-A-C.)

We’ve gathered them all for you in a photo gallery below. Which is your favorite new uniform?


  1. Kim says:

    Yeah… Lakers have the sickest black unis…

  2. Tyrant says:

    Like a Boss

  3. Detroit says:

    Wheres detroit’s motor city uniforms?

  4. Eugene says:

    Lakers or Suns would be my faves. Sleeveless though, sleeves look wrong.

  5. Unknown says:

    Cool jerseys but I don’t like the sleeves on them

  6. Brad James says:

    The Black Mamba looks great in his new “Hollywood Nights” Jersey!!

  7. celentano says:

    Instead to upgrade they’re bench,free agent players … they’re only upgrade they’r shirts and pants!
    black means>>>>>>>>>>>dark season … again!
    We understands that Jim B. choose only for the money it’s obvious now (selling merchandise)!The glory and the fame it’s a thing from the past now,even when Kobe returns!And that comming from a 25 year Lakerfan.
    ‘dart mamba’.

  8. pistonsfan247 says:

    what about the motor city pistons uniforms?

  9. Waah says:

    Definately not the Pelicans! Yuck

  10. terrell says:

    They made these sleeve jerseys I believe to cover up the nba players tattoos, that is he only explanation i could come up with… The fans that come to the games feel threaten, just like they changed the dress code for Nba players .. Majority of the fans that come to the games are white, so advertise your product without all the tattoos, fashion, and they’re even giving technical fouls out now for trash talking smh

  11. UnKardashian says:

    The Clippers baby blue jersey’s with sleeves are ugly! It figures!

  12. Nikleman says:

    Hollywood Nights are just awesome.. Very smooth, and I agree with Black Mamba on the back with theese jerseys 🙂

  13. Real_And1_GM says:

    Remove the sleeves, gee whiz..!!