Who Is Your NBA Team’s Global Ambassador?

Washington Wizards v Toronto Raptors

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — They started from the bottom, now they’re here: The Toronto Raptors recently announced a partnership with the rapper Drake, proclaiming him the team’s “Global Ambassador.” Exactly what this role entails is isn’t entirely clear, but at the press conference announcing the deal, Drake said he wants to use his star power to help franchise.

“I’m really out here with the people, I’m in touch with what they want to see,” Drake said. “I really just want excitement for this team. I want us to be one of the biggest teams in the league.”

As I see it, Drake’s most important asset he brings to this deal is his star power. Perhaps Drake can use his worldwide celebrity to help raise the international brand profile of the Raptors, and help them gain fans and lure free agents. If it works, great. If not, well, not much lost.

But what about the rest of the NBA? Shouldn’t every team have a “Global Ambassador”? Here are a couple who already exist, informally more than anything:

• Los Angeles Lakers — Jack Nicholson: One of Hollywood’s biggest stars rarely misses a game, sitting along the sideline on Tinseltown.

• New York Knicks — Spike Lee: A lifelong Knicks fan, he sits courtside and doesn’t miss a chance to let opposing players know which side he’s on.

• Brooklyn Nets — Jay-Z: He may no longer own a piece of the team, but as he has said, he’ll still be courtside at the Barclays Center.

• Philadephia 76ers — Will Smith: The Fresh Prince owns a small percentage of his hometown team.

• Memphis Grizzlies — Justin Timberlake: JT apparently has a similar deal in Memphis with his hometown squad.

• Los Angeles Clippers — Billy Crystal: He still counts, right?

Again, these are just off the top of my head. You guys know your teams and cities better than anyone, so drop us an answer down below: Who should be the “Global Ambassador” for your favorite team?


  1. Serenity_Drummer says:

    Selena Gomez is a big Spurs fan if that is anything

  2. Matt says:

    Cleveland – Machine Gun Kelly

  3. Anthony May says:

    Atlanta – Outkast

  4. Nugget says:

    OKC – Dr Frazier Crane

  5. Michael says:

    Miami-Rick Ross

  6. Pdoy says:

    I would have said Andrew Bynum for the 76ers last year…

  7. Mario says:

    I heard Justin Bieber is a huge fan of the bobcats.

  8. Myk says:

    Miley Cyrus – Bulls wahaha!

  9. Buddy says:

    Detroit Pistons: Slim Shady, he attends games and recently seen wearing DP back to back T shirt in his film clip.

  10. TC says:

    Miami Heat – Justin Bieber

  11. BT says:


  12. MaRex says:

    Coolio can represent Detroit.

  13. boobies says:

    Miami- Doctor Doo Doo brain

  14. Ashir Sohail says:

    Houston – Beyoncé

  15. 420fieldgoal says:

    Bill Murray for Chicago

  16. khaled khali says:

    i think that jack from the lakers & will smith from 76ers is on the top

  17. Two words says:

    Golden State – MC Hammer, CAN’T TOUCH THEM

  18. Skolimowski says:

    Atlanta – Honey Boo Boo

  19. name says:

    Miami’s been using PITBULL

  20. lbj says:

    Don Johnson from Miami Vice – Miami Heat. 3 peat The King! we will trade james jones and udonis haslem for Nerlen Noel we need a big guy plus future 1st round picks

  21. ARD says:

    Kevin Hart- 76ers

    Jim Parsons- Houston

  22. lbj says:

    If Weskbrook wants to get his 1st ring he needs to play with the king “LeBron”. We will trade james jones, udonis haslem plus 2014 1st round pick.

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Oden

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Lewis,Birdman and Westbrook.

    No longer a back to back championship as I was stated before its now 3 peat for the Heat!!!

    • D P says:

      Wade doesn’t play SG. Allen comes off the bench. Bosh plays center. Stupid

      • lbj says:

        Further take a deeper look! I said Wade as PG

      • lbj says:

        You sound much very stupid. Bosh plays Center at no chance. Since they have Oden he can play back on his comfortable position at PF. are you watching nba? or swimming

    • Ab Ibn Ali says:

      The fact that you put Westbrook on the heat bench proves to me that you know nothing about basketball. .. ain’t no team in the nba that westbrook would join and sit on their bench#facts

  23. dlapoziomki says:

    Jenny McCarthy is a Bulls fan

  24. pacers4lyfe says:

    papa john – pacers

  25. Wajeeh says:

    Kanye West & Lupe Fiasco for the Bulls

  26. CASHED OUT says:

    Chicago Bulls – Chief Keef

  27. Dillon says:

    Miami Heat – Barack Obama