ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Well friends, I hate to say it, but MUSCLEWATCH 2013 is starting to wind down. We’ve made great strides this year, as MUSCLEWATCH is starting to get recognized everywhere from television to other websites. Today we check in with the results from the final rounds of media day, and then by early next week we should have collected enough data to select a MUSCLEWATCH winner.

As a reminder for the uninitiated, all are welcome here: What, you may be asking, is MUSCLEWATCH? MUSCLEWATCH is our in-depth look at the weight gains and losses of NBA players as the season starts. And we’re not just talking weight, we’re talking any kind of size, really.

Before we get to the latest reports, don’t forget that for all your MUSCLEWATCH needs, be sure to check out our previous posts on the topic. And as always, if you see any MUSCLEWATCH news, drop me an email or hit me on Twitter (using #MUSCLEWATCH).

• We start Update 4 in Memphis, where Grizzlies VP for basketball operations John Hollinger is attempting to get into the spirit of MUSCLEWATCH…

As I had to explain to John, this is MUSCLEWATCH, not MUSSELWATCH. But we certainly respect the effort.

• Up in Toronto, not only has Rudy Gay allegedly added 20 pounds, he is actually on the record, with quotation marks and everything, as saying he’s added “20 pounds of muscle.”

We should note that this isn’t the first time Rudy’s been involved with MUSCLEWATCH — in 2009 he added 19 pounds. Either way, I believe we may have a leader in the clubhouse, not taking into account the Canadian/US weight exchange rate. I better check with The Starters about that.

• The official blog of the Atlanta Hawks blessed us with an actual MUSCLEWATCH section in their official media day round-up. Some important bits in there include Dennis Schröder adding 8 pounds and Mike Scott dropping 15 pounds. “Yeah [stopped eating McDonalds],” Scott said. “Eating more Whole Foods. They got me on the Whole Foods diet and it’s been working. No more [Krispy Kreme’s in the morning].”

• I also feel like we should just take a moment to recognize Lou Williams‘ endorsement of Zaxby’s Kickin’ Chicken sandwich in the same article.

• So much MUSCLEWATCH is happening in Minnesota! Kevin Love doesn’t know his weight but has supposedly lost a bunch. Derrick Williams and Shabazz Muhammad are each down 15 pounds. We also have maybe the best quote of MUSCLEWATCH 2013 from Alexey Shved, who lost weight but added muscle. As Shved memorably said, “I make muscles.”

• According to this article, Nets G Deron Williams lost weight last season over the All-Star Break, which is a new one for me. He says this summer he was able to maintain the weight at which he finished last season. Also in Nets-land, you can now see the muscle on Brook Lopez

• Reigning Rookie of the Year Damian Lillard made the cut, barely:

Ray Allen has adopted the paleo diet and dropped under the Mendoza line…

• At the 3:20 mark of the video below, Knicks C Tyson Chandler says he put on “15, 20 pounds” since last season, and after “around 240 or so” and losing another “10, 12 pounds” — which presumably would have made him somwhere around 230 — right now he weighs 253 pounds. That’s a lot of vague math right there.

• Finally, Denver F Darrell Arthur reports he’s lost about 20 pounds from what he weighed last season, which was partially residual weight from having an achilles injury. Great hustle, Darrell.


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