Chris Mullin Can Still Shoot

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — One of the more prominent changes the new ownership in Sacramento made was bringing in Chris Mullin as “Advisor to the Chairman.” Mullin, who previously worked in the front office for the Golden State Warriors, has spent the last few years working on ESPN. Previous to that, Mulling spent decades putting in work on the court, as one of the best forwards of his era and a member of Run TMC, the Dream Team and the Hall of Fame.

All that to say we knew Mullin could play back in the day, but as we see from this video Cowbell Kingdom put together from a Kings event earlier this week, Mully can still do work around the perimeter, as he drains 14 of 15 threes. Perhaps DeMarcus Cousins has the right idea about signing Mullin to a 10-day contract…

(via Deadspin)


  1. OKC says:

    Ha that’s awesome. Mullin shot the lights out.

    On an unrelated note I just saw Chris Bosh in the new Parks and Recreation, dude was hilarious.

  2. lolololol says:

    “And I’m better at french horn too Eric!” -Bosh

  3. JayGee says:

    Talent is eternal…Chris Mullin is a legend,a DreamTeamer,a Hall of Famer.Watch his Shoot!

  4. jty7271 says:

    They say your jump shot is like a good woman and will never leave you.

  5. shakilmirza says:

    he made 12 straight shots, and 14/15. that’s cray!

  6. HiThere says:

    Mullins in next year All-Stars Three-point Contest please. May as well include Bird, Reggie, Hornacek, Price, Kerr.