Reggie Bullock’s Rookie Hazing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — It’s not enough to just be a rookie in the NBA, fighting for a job and playing time in a new league, while trying to get settled in a new city. No, being an NBA Rookie also usually involves some good-natured hazing: you’re in charge of carrying all the basketballs to practice on the road, or making sure the vets have coffee and doughnuts at shootaround. The Clippers, however, have flipped the script a bit, and they put rookie Reggie Bullock to work…memorizing a poem?

Apparently so, via a directive from new Clips coach Doc Rivers, who tasked Bullock with memorizing a poem that seems to be about a boat going out where the breakers are, or something like that. (Anyone know what this poem is?) Bullock seems to do a fair job, considering he only had a night to get it down…

One Comment

  1. Gabe says:

    It’s a speech by Jesse Jackson