Chris Kaman And Robert Sacre Bought A Cow

Los Angeles Lakers Media Day

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERChris Kaman has only been back in California as a member of the Lakers for a few months, but he seems to have already embraced the state’s eco-friendly vibe. With trends like farm-to-table and sustainable practices dominating the culinary world these days, what is more responsible than knowing exactly where your meat comes from?

Thanks to the great Dave McMenamin from ESPN, we now know the full story of Lakers Chris Kaman and Robert Sacre going thirds on a cow with Lakers strength and conditioning coach Tim DiFrancesco. (They actually went fourths on a cow, but Lakers trainer Gary Vitti backed out of the deal.)

We’ll let McMenamin explain…

DiFrancesco, who has picked up the nickname “Grass-Fed Tim” around the team because of his belief in the health benefits of eating grass-fed beef, came up with the idea after connecting with a farm that raises grass-fed cows down in San Diego. Kaman is getting half, 200 pounds, while Sacre and DiFrancesco are getting a quarter, 100 pounds, each.

“I had to go to a Best Buy to go buy me a 15 cubic foot freezer,” said Sacre, who estimated that the freezer and the beef will end up costing him about $1,300 combined. “It’s, uh, it’s intense.”

The trio of beef eaters scheduled the meat delivery to arrive after they return from the Lakers’ upcoming eight-day-long trip to China to play two preseason games.


It’s a terrific story, particularly the part about how Kaman and Sacre disagree about how to best prepare the steak (Sacre is down with grilling, while Kaman eschews the grill for fear of carcinogens.)

Either way, don’t be surprised to see cows carrying EAT MOR CHIKIN signs outside the Staples Center this season.


  1. Spenser Laughter says:

    A little meat on the bones shouldn’t hurt Sacre, time to get him in shaq form…

  2. Filipino Idiot says:

    You pathetic Laker fans, Kaman and Sacre are your team’s hope now hahahaha So Pathetic!

    • Dillon says:

      Im not a Lakers fan at all but Kaman is a decent center and him and Sacre are definitely not their only hope they have players like Jodie Meeks who is very under rated and did u forget about Pau Gasol who is an all star caliber PF and Kobe will eventually be back not to mention Nick Young coming off the bench who is an amazing player.

  3. Dan-E says:

    I see potential physically in Sacre. He is a bit quicker than most centers and pretty agile. Need to get him skilled and i see him being a decent center in the league. Just my opinion.