Kobe Posts Pics From Knee Procedure

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — In yesterday’s Morning Tip column from my main man David Aldridge, the Lakers said they were aware of Kobe Bryant‘s most recent trip to Germany for work on his knee, a trip that came during the beginning of training camp. But the trip came as a surprise to many fans and observers, as Kobe and the Lakers had kept the trip quiet. I wrote a few months ago about how, even though he was a late adopter, Kobe has quickly mastered the use of social media as a way to not only share information but also control the message. And last night Kobe shared an image of his knee procedure, with the hashtags “#germany” and “#fyi.”

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In case u were wondering.. #germany #fyi

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  1. Kobe will come back stronger than before the injury due to all the strength rehabbing. Look at the highlights from Dominique Wilkins when he came back from it. The dude still average close to 28 a game and dunking on people.

  2. that’s the black manba he is coming back with vengers

  3. Dienekes says:

    This procedure is no different than placebo and that is why it has never gone through formal clinical trials. All the hype around it is created by the desperate hope of players to make their joints feel better and of course the financial benefits of the few institutions that perform it. From the few things that are visible on the two posted pictures, the fluid drawn from Kobe’s knee is serosanguineous…that means that there already is a small amount of blood in the joint signifying ongoing injury (not necessarily inflammation)…and just for the record, I am a board certified fully licensed physician and a researcher in the field of inflammatory joint disease in one of the top medical centers in the US…

    • ryan says:

      cool story bro you should tell it again

    • Jim Muncy says:

      Or perhaps it has not gone through clinical trials in the United States because it will not produce unique patentable products than can generate profits after paying for those multi-million dollar clinical trials. We all know that Germany is on the cutting edge of alternative medicine and that they are achieving incredible results with procedures, nutritional supplements, and therapies that don’t have to generate millions upon millions of dollars to pay for these sacred clinical trials. American medicine is market driven and the market realities are that our systems of checks and balances limit which treatments will be allowed in the U.S. And thus, you see someone like Kobe who has access to all the absolute best treatments in the world and all the absolute best information about these treatments getting on a jet and flying to Germany where the treatments aren’t limited to those capable of making some drug manufacturer or medical equipment company a profit after paying for unbelievably expensive clinical trials. And, BTW, I have a Ph.D. in marketing and I have been a professor of marketing for over thirty years. I acknowledge that I am certainly not as versed in medicine as you are but I do have a real good understanding of the marketing forces that would compel someone like Kobe to fly from our limited medical services in the United States and seek more advanced alternatives in a country like Germany. I appreciate your perspective and I value the depth of knowledge on which it is based. However, I do not conclude that, just because something doesn’t fit our mold and methods of legitimization in Western medicine, it has no value. I am sure Kobe made an informed decision and I would bet my last dollar that it will benefit him.

      • Deebie says:

        Well said

      • Peter says:

        A treatment can be popular and profitable through good marketing even if it doesn’t have any real effects at all. I’m not saying I know this doesn’t work but without it being tested versus controls it may be nothing but snake oil.
        Celebrities get sold on snake oil all the time. They are prime targets for people pushing their product. Especially an ultra competitive, aging superstar like Kobe looking for anything that will give him an edge.

      • Dienekes says:

        A professor in MARKETING stating expect opinion on a medical procedure! Anyway, since you started this, I have an MD, an MPH degree in Biostatistics and Epidemiology, a PhD in Immunology and I am board certified in rheumatology; I feel like I am a little bit more expert than you are to express MEDICAL opinion. Clinical trials are designed to guard the public’s SAFETY while evaluating the real efficiency of any treatment. It is true that clinical trials do slow things down; however, major disasters happened in the past due to their lack…You would know that if you had read enough about the history of clinical trials…In fact, even a full clinical trial is many times insufficient to evaluate the safety of a new treatment and that is why we several times had licensed drugs removed from the market although they went through clinical trials. Clinical trials are the MINIMUM that can be done to address the safety and efficacy of any new treatment. Now, generalized statements such as “We all know that Germany is on the cutting edge of alternative medicine” are at the very least ignorant if not insulting to the scientific communities of alternative medicine in other countries. And this “we all”…please, just talk about yourself…you are not “all”…finally, your last statement says it all: “I would bet my last dollar…”. Just stick to the money topic that you probably know well and leave medical opinion to the experts…and if you are into betting, just go for a weekend to Vegas…now go count some money to make yourself feel better!!!

    • deelasvegas says:


      Those are NOT joint aspirations, those are injections of growth factors. Joint aspirations can be achieved from one site, it would be pointless to aspirate a knee from various sites as you can get synovial fluid from one site and send for analysis (as I aspirate knees daily in my clinic).

      use your brain doc!

      • Dienekes says:

        The picture on the left shows a joint aspiration…the picture on the right shows needles inserted at various locations for potential injections…I have been putting needles in joints for decades and I know what I am looking at…furthermore, no recombinant protein solutions (such as the “growth factors” that you mentioned) have a serosanguineous consistency and color like the fluid in the syringe on the left picture…maybe you need to use your brain first before recommending others to do it! Or just be quiet when you do not know what you are talking about…Nevertheless, I am glad to educate people anytime…I am a professor after all…

      • Dr Dre says:

        I believe there’s a God above. I’m just the doctor of everyone else.

    • Yas says:

      I’m inclined to agree. I’m no doctor but common sense would say cartilage, tendons, ligaments, etc. can simply get worn out after a while.

      Honestly, I think the only benefit of the procedure is the athlete is convinced it works, and so probably they are told to take it easy for a few days for the treatment to ‘work’. Of course they are going to feel better – they get some rest.

      • Jim Muncy says:

        Kobe took a jet across the ocean to get a treatment that is not available here in the U.S. There are two possible explanations. One is that he is uninformed and that the best he can hope for is a placebo effect. Many of us don’t see Kobe as being that type of person. He is not some gullible overpaid athlete but rather he is brilliant and he has access to the best advice in the world. It doesn’t fit that he would capriciously make a decision such as this. So I proposed an alternative to the “Kobe is uninformed” opinion. Could it be possible that our approach to medicine in America, though having its value, falls victim to the laws of unintended consequences? I said that marketplace factors play in here and so I have a different view of what Kobe did than what a medical doctor might surmise. Different perspectives–isn’t that what makes a forum like this interesting and valuable? One person looks at the western medicine interpretation of what Kobe did and another person looks at the marketplace factors that made him have to fly to Germany and do it.

    • Jim Muncy says:

      Nothing like a little ad hominem to really enlighten the audience.

  4. KS says:

    Seems like a form of blood doping for which people have been disqualified in the past. Acupuncture is legal in the US. but the blood treatment is illegal. Why ?

  5. calvin says:

    keep it up bryant, i cannot wait to see back in shap. good luck

  6. Kobe Bryant ( http://www.hostnumber.com/kobe-bryant-career-stats.html ) is currently an All-Tme Top 10 player and already has played 17 full seasons. He is 35 years old and has 3 good seasons left. Hopefully this knee procedure works and he can come back at full strength, so fans can enjoy his game for 3 more seasons.

  7. abbey says:

    Who care about kobe! The lakers still won’t come out the west so who cares.

  8. PUN says:

    Who cares?! You better respect the Mamba, and he’s still the one of the best players we have in the league today. Cant wait for your return.. i grew up on Michael so watching Kobe brings me back ..

    My opinion Kobe the second best player to ever play the game.. well we see what Lebron has to say about that when its all said and done.

  9. HeatNation says:

    Even if Kobe comes back healthy, it doesn’t matter cause Miami is taking the championship again!!!! Lakers are done, its all about the Miami Heat!!!!!!!! P.S. Kobe Sucks.

    • blingb says:

      What r we talking about here ppl.kobe bryant injury or our corrupt u.s government.truth theres,a lot of things that can cure us that the government is hush about..this is bigger then nba..im for flyinh out da u.s for treatment

    • angel says:

      your a bandwagoner u just like the heat cause of QUEEN JAMES

      • Dillon says:

        And you just hate the Heat because of “Queen” James which is actually KING JAMES so your argument is invalid.



  11. shakilmirza says:

    how come he had to go to germany for this procedure? some people are telling me it is illegal in the states? anyone know what this procedure is or does?

  12. michael mcbride says:

    7 ‘ footers have troubles coming back . but kobe will be fine why not sit a while rehab get strong and start sweet talking one of the 2014 free agents.

  13. Oula says:

    Best of luck KB24. May God guide you and your team in the upcoming season(s).

  14. bigbadbasham says:

    That’s not Kobe’s knee…OH GOD

  15. Rena says:

    Western Medicine providers cannot imagine any medical treatment that does not fit into their system. Thanks to the marketer for his response.
    It helped Kobe before, I feel it will help him again. I am praying it will. Wow, another treatment that does not fit. Prayer.

  16. otis says:

    kobe, retire brother! u have had a great career and you will be remembered as one of the best of all times. However, i wish u no extra harm to your health going forward brother. Achilles Tendon injury is very serious, plus your knees . This is time telling him to hang it up!

    God Bless u Black Mumbo~! we all have to give way to father time!

    • boobies says:

      Sir Charles is right again, Bird did it now Kobe does it.

      You want that one more season where you can dominate again but it does not happen. Kobe should stop chasing all of MJs career stats and just retired well remembered as a dominant SG rather than some dude who got old, never went away and hogged the ball all the time.

  17. Dienekes says:

    And just to make myself clear…I have been and still am a BIG TIME Kobe fan…in fact, I like just Kobe…who cares about the Laker team…the guy is one of the most exceptional athletes in all sports of all times…and I really hope he comes back stronger than ever! However, if he does, it will have nothing to do with this knee procedure…

  18. Beelzeblub says:

    Nice pictures of some prp injections there. (prp Platelet Rich Plasma)
    It’s not just a placebo but it can work as alternative medicine… i’ve had it on my achilles tendon both left and right when i was out of traditional options so to try and stay away from surgery i had prp and for me it worked. this is the same thing Kobe is doing. Here in Europe it’s an upcoming thing wel Germany spearheading but then i think it’s the Netherlands, UK and Belgium . it does’t work for everyone that’s true and also depends alot on when the person does afterwars. The just take blood from the place they will be injecting it back in again but first put it in a centrifuge to increase the growfactors when it’s done and you see this kinda seethrough gel, it’s injected again in the “infected” or desired part of your body and it speeds up the healing progress. some people do it in advance to keep certain injury prone parts healthy. most common fault in this is that people take blood from the arm to put in the centrifuge while it works better if you take blood from the “infected” part or the part where you want the prp injected in as the inflamatory values are higher in the body part to treat

  19. Heisenberg says:

    Kobe loves the game so much that he is willing to do everything just to get back in the game. He has only a few years in him and he certainly knows that. He wants to leave the game with a bang. I mean one more nba championship ring. But the problem is, many players are willing to do everything to. Good luck to him anyways.

    • Henrijs says:

      Haha it’s so pathetic to watch you americans talk crap and pretend you know everything about everything. But the truth is Eastern and Western European medicine is so much further developed than USA one, that you even cant think off, how far we have gone in our medicine discoveries and system as whole. You can learn as much as you want finish as many studies as you want, but you will still know less than a simple Master degree student from Germany, France or any North country.
      You just have fu*ked up big time with you system and all restrictions, that it actually starts to effect ur possible knowledge somebody can teach u. And you can even not press reply to this and try to defend ur country and ur science degrees, because all what I said is so damn true. If you ever step out of your box and go see what europeans can do in medicine you would probably never even went back to USA and start study from scratch in Europe.
      Having said that, all the best for Kobe, and I really do hope he will return as fast as possible. I havent experienced Michael Jorda era, but as much as can see Kobe = Jordan, in my opinion.

      • John says:

        Please stop with the Kobe=Jordan crap. Won’t happen no matter how many more years he plays and how many numbers he puts up. The tenacity is there, the ability to score is there, but records don’t matter cuz Kobe has already played more years with less rings, no Defensive player of the year, fewer MVP’s, had more help but still fewer wins per season, and just isn’t as dominant physicalled or mentally. Not to mention the ability to straight up will his team to victory against tougher competition. If you never witnessed Jordan’s dominance, sorry cuz u missed out. And if you wanna go off numbers alone, Oscar Robertson would be best ever. Check his avg’s from first 3-4 seasons. (averaged a triple double… Kobe never even been CLOSE to that.)

  20. G T says:

    The lakers team is looking good in the preseason and will get better when Kobe comes back at which ever time that is

    • John says:

      Lakers will be be the 3rd best team in California (after Clippers and Golden State) let alone in the Western Confernce where they’ll be 7th seed at best, IF they make the playoffs at all. Defense will be horrid!

  21. Ace says:

    All these comments in depth over Kobe “Beanhead” Bryant…Jus watch the damn Season

  22. John says:

    With all that said, Kobe is def a top 10 all-time player, one of the most complete scorers and best competitors ever. I hope you Europeans ARE smarter than our good American doctor because I would hate to see him go out this way. He WON’T win another championship in LA, especially with as much as they are paying him, but I’d like to see him gracefully bow out with grand Lakers fanfare than go out limping after such a storied career.

  23. Hem says:

    The comments made by Dienekes are some of the most intellectual I have ever read on the NBA.COM forums.
    Keep posting please.
    No matter what anyone writes here, deep down every true basketball fan must also be a fan of Kobe.
    He has done too much to enhance the game, and we should all wish him well in his recovery and hope that he returns to form.

  24. Romero Aguirre says:

    All of y’all who are on here bashing Kobe must not be REAL NBA FANS what is the nba without Kobe we will never see another player like him respect what the man has done 2nd greatest player ever appreciate him

  25. NBAblogger says:

    N-Knee-Way… back to professional wrestling, er-uhhhh, I mean NBA basketball…!!! What’r ya gonna do brother, when Mamba-mania runs wild on you..!!! (then tears jersey off a-la- Hulk Hogan)