Stephen Curry Unveils Elaborate Post-Shot Dance

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — OK, I know the headline is a bit misleading — this is a commercial for Capri Sun, and of course Stephen Curry is not going to dance for thirty seconds after each made basket.

But imagine if he did…

Curry for three…yes! And now he’s…he’s…dancing? Oh, and he’s dropping it like it’s hot! Meanwhile, the other team has inbounded the ball and run down to the other end of the court. But Curry is still there at halfcourt, brushing dirt off his shoulders as the Warriors are forced to play four-on-five! As his coach used to say, Hand down, man down!

(via TNLP)

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  1. W B says:

    Too out the the hometown(charlotte) kid…doing his thing in the league….He used to be at my High School during our weekend practices…My coach David Davis was actually in his dad’s wedding..So we got a chance to see Dell a lot…Along with the sons….and they couldn’t miss even as little kids….Steph Curry….best shooter in the league baby….