Andre Drummond’s Innovative New Free Throw Style

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The free throw is supposed to be the easiest shot in basketball — you are unguarded, unbothered, and allowed to stand just fifteen feet from the rim and take your time making the shot. Of course, all of that is easier said than done, as we’ve seen plenty of players who, for one reason or another just couldn’t take advantage of the “free” part of the throw.

Consider, for instance, Pistons C Andre Drummond, who by all measures had a productive rookie season — well, except in one category: Drummond shot just 37 percent from the free throw line. His struggles were exemplified in this video below, where he went to the line in the fourth quarter of a tie game against the Chicago Bulls and fired up a free throw that ended up a foot short. He regrouped, received a quick pep talk from a teammate, and then fired up a second airball.

However, from this Vine Drummond posted yesterday, it appears that he may have found a way to improve his performance from the line with this new, innovative style. Hey, whatever works.


  1. skrutz says:

    As goofy as “granny throws” look, I think that some bigmen could benefit from using that form.

  2. NBAblogger says:

    Now he has to play 48 minutes just like that. Thanks Andre for taking basketball to new heights… Now I can throw away my Globetrotter season tickets..!!!

  3. euro says:

    use your legs andre