Toronto Raptors Mascot Out For The Season

New Jersey Nets v Toronto Raptors

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — This is supposed to be the dawn of a new era in Toronto, where the Raptors have a new executive running things (Tim Leiweke), a new general manager (Masai Ujiri), and a new “global ambassador” in place (Drake). This new brain trust is going to try and turn things around, to help the Raptors organization improve from their recent struggles. But alas, one key member of the Raptors organization will apparently have to sit this season out.

According to a report in the Toronto Star, the Raptors mascot, known simply as The Raptor, is out for the season after suffering a torn achilles tendon during a Raptors training camp appearance in Halifax. The organization confirmed the bad news via Twitter…

“I called him, I talked to him Friday night,” Raptors coach Dwane Casey said during his postgame remarks last night. “I was disappointed. My daughter cried, you know, she was upset. He’s a good man. He’ll bounce back. He’s in good hands with the physicians. The Raptor will be back, he will be back. We need his spirit.

(via SI)


  1. bambamsimons says:

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    Sad to see, an absolutely great mascot, Toronto will miss him.

  2. mark maxwell says:

    Hope goes well… But I don’t think a guy dressed in a red dinosaur suit will help them be a better team. Go Grizzlies!!!!

    We don’t Bluff!!!

  3. TDOT says:


  4. Max says:

    that’s sad

  5. Kal says:

    this is not a good omen for this season…

    couldn’t we substitute in his… ahem… cousin Raptor to hold down the fort while he sits out? i just wanna see a Raptor there with that trademark toothy grin, he doesn’t have to do anything!

    but anyway, speedy recovery Raptor! you are the best NBA mascot next to Spike Lee and Jack Nicholson.

  6. boston rules says:

    Still would be a shorter recovery time than D-rose

  7. kellogs says:

    honest to god i do not understand this. Is it supposed to be funny????

  8. Um says:

    Just hire someone for the season. They do it with the dancers.

  9. jimmyq says:

    the return of derrick raptor

  10. Dillon says:

    LOL maybe Chris Bosh should replace him, he doesn’t even need a uniform.

  11. danny says:

    cant they just hire someone else to put the mascot suit on?? no one would notice anyways

  12. Dave says:

    Who f cares?? Just hire someone for the season…

  13. Jordan says:

    How about showing some sympathy for the guy, instead of being all negative about it. I hope he heals soon, hes the my second favorite mascot next to Bango in Milwaukee,

  14. skunk says:


  15. RTFM says:

    well, the thing is he/she is the real thing. so no replacement available. LOL!

  16. pokie says:

    Maybe they can get the Hornet off waivers. Get well soon.

  17. Sackxay says:

    Contact me, i’ll do it for free! 519 area for real!

  18. NBAblogger says:

    I’ll pay just to watch the mascots wrestle… The NBA is totally a joke… 25 teams should be named the Washington Generals and then there’s Miami, Los Angeles, and the other 5 teams that everyone is trending on twitter…

  19. first round pick mascot , out for season ? thats bad

  20. LAKER32 says:


    • Celtic533 says:

      Lol Barney the purple dinosaur!the raptors wud have to bring back the purple Vince carter days jerseys

  21. Baron says:

    I wonder, during surgery will he still be wearing the mascot suit? and the name of his profile in the hospital is First Name: The, Last Name: Raptor? hohoho