Karl Malone Begins Coaching (Without Hunting Equipment)

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Earlier this year in Houston for All-Star weekend, we did a live episode of “The Jump” on NBA TV. We had our regular crew of myself, Brent Barry, Jared Greenberg and Dennis Scott, and then we were joined for most of the show by KarlThe MailmanMalone, perhaps the greatest power forward of all-time and the second-leading scorer in NBA history. While we were on the air — and you can see this in the video clip right here — I asked Malone if he had ever thought about getting into coaching, to tutor some of the young bigs around the league.

As you can see, the answer was yes, he had thought about it and was willing to do it, but no teams or players had reached out to him. Which, honestly, he was a bit surprised about.

But for the benefit of everyone, that changed this season, as the Jazz have finally delivered the Mailman to work with some of their young bigs, like Derrick Favors and Enes Kanter. As Malone told KSL.com…

“The first day it was tough and trying. I think our big guys don’t know the severity of what is in front of them and how serious this is. I wasn’t a happy camper. Then — it’s amazing — they came back, they’re here early; they want to do things. That’s rewarding to me.”

Malone also added that he was able to keep his attention on helping out by doing his best to forget his most beloved hobby, hunting: “I didn’t bring my [camouflage], gun or a bow. I left them home so my focus was to come here every day.”

Wonder if he brought his mule to camp?

(via PBT)


  1. Blake says:

    Come on Blake, ask.

  2. yotu says:

    Karl Malone is the answer to the people that wants to compare Lebron with MJ. Lebron is NOT and will NOT be better than Malone and you can compare with him because of their physics. How then people compare Lebron with MJ?

  3. Blake the answer says:

    Go Blake! Ask! – from siberia.

  4. Ned says:

    If this is what Karl likes to do, certainly better than killing four-legged animals — although I’d like to see him go after a few CEOs I have in mind. Otherwise, while he was really a unique, special and really-hard-working player, I don’t know how much he has to share, since he played almost his entire career with a unique point guard with eyes in back of his head, who never had to pick up his dribble, and who had a great shot, so could always get Karl the ball. I’m not saying Karl would not have been a great power forward in a regular setting, but that his students won’t enjoy the same situation, don’t have Karl’s broad shoulders, and while a great think about Karl is that he slowly developed a fine mid-range jump shot, he’s not the person I would be taking shooting lessons from (at least not basketball shooting lessons).

  5. steagle says:

    He’ll coach the Jazz one day, guaranteed. BIg ups to the Mailman, best to ever play PF.

  6. Nick C says:

    Gotta love the Mailman. Excited to see what Favors and Kanter can do this year!

  7. lali gill says:

    I am biggest fan I like karl malones game no body can beat him

  8. lolololol says:

    Yeah Steve Blake needs to get in the gym with Malone for sure.

    But on a serious note Malone is the man. I think what these players could learn most from him is work ethic. Just being around Malone and working with him is going to make you want to work harder.