Lakers Ride Toboggans In China With Mixed Results

2013 Global Games - Beijing

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Los Angeles Lakers are currently on a preseason trip in China, both to play in front of their international fans and to help popularize the NBA. Whenever teams take these overseas trips, a few sightseeing trips are usually built in to the schedule, so the players can visit historic sites. Yesterday the Lakers took a trip to the Mutianyu portion of the Great Wall, and they managed to escape without serious injury, although not for a lack of trying.

Reading reports from the trip, it seems like most of their issues were tied to riding toboggans, which is a fun option for riding down from the Wall. It seems like several of the players chose to ride down, although perhaps they shouldn’t have.

Center Chris Kaman reported a finger injury after his ride down. As Kaman explained to the Los Angeles Times

“I didn’t hit the brake the whole time. Guys on the edge were yelling ‘Slow down’ and I just kept going,” Kaman said. “All of a sudden I catch up to this guy close to the bottom, so now I have to brake. Shawne Williams comes behind me without hitting his brake at all and just smashed right into me.”

He said he was going only about 3 mph and Williams was going 20-25 mph at impact.

“My hand smashed right between the two sleds. I didn’t feel the end of my finger for, like, an hour,” Kaman said, exhibiting a bandaged, swollen middle finger. “It’s starting to throb a little right now.”

Luckily, the injury wasn’t severe enough to keep Kaman out of the Lakers’ lineup.

The other near miss is probably more interesting, if only because we actually have video from the incident, courtesy of Jordan Farmar‘s Instagram account. Guard Nick Young was flying down the hill, having a great time, when, well…just watch…

Part 2… @swaggyp1

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  1. lbj says:

    If these Lakers newbies wants to get a ring they need to play with the king “LeBron” Kobe is done no more rings from him Pau Gasol can’t carry him anymore.

  2. Per Cedric says:

    Gasol carried Kobe 3 years ago? Thank god for smart people…
    Gasol is a fantastic player by the way