Fans Cheer Derrick Rose In Chicago Return

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last night’s preseason game in Chicago between the Bulls and Pistons wasn’t just another preseason game. This time, the meaning was a bit deeper: The was Derrick Rose‘s first game back in Chicago since tearing his ACL over a season ago. Rose would post a typically large performance — he finished with 22 points in 22 minutes, and with a +25 rating for the game. Fans in Chicago chanted “MVP” throughout the game, but maybe the biggest ovation came early on, when the lights dimmed and the Alan Parsons Project music kicked in, and D-Rose was introduced to his hometown fans for the first time since being injured…

(via EOB)


  1. A. says:

    A true champion compared to the over-exposed spoiled child named Lebron James. Rose is a true finisher and will always work hard and take contact without winning every single time no matter how hard or ridiculous the situation may be. .