Utah Jazz Rookies Get Hazed, Opt For Sparkle Nail Polish

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Rookies in the NBA are often assigned tasks designed to remind them of their rookie status. This is apparently already underway in Utah, if we are to believe social media. As rookie guard Ian Clark noted on Instagram, “Rookie hazing. Had to get our nails done.. With glitter smh lol.”

Rudy Gobert, the 7-foot-1 French rookie whose awesome nickname is apparently “The Stifle Tower,” Instagrammed a photo where he’s displaying his fingernails, which are painted a lovely sparkly magenta color, which was picked out by fellow big man Derrick Favors

Damn i feel bad lmao…. #rookietask

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Meanwhile, Clark’s nails appear to be a more muted color, but they sparkle just as beautifully as Gobert’s with a color chosen by point guard John Lucas III

Watch the whole thing play out here.

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