You Can Buy Kevin Garnett’s Clothes

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ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Ask anyone who has had to move, whether it’s just a few blocks or thousands of miles away, and they can tell you that the process is not much fun. You go through all your stuff, sort through what’s worth keeping and what isn’t, and then load up boxes and boxes and boxes of stuff.

Unless, apparently, you are an NBA superstar like Kevin Garnett. According to the Boston Herald, when Garnett moved from Boston to Brooklyn, he left behind a bunch of clothes. These were snapped up by a man named Phil Castinetti, who intends to sell the items at his store SportsWorld.

Most of the items are from K.G.’s own OBF clothing line and nearly all of them have labels that read, “Exclusively For Kevin Garnett.” Meaning that, if you are not nearly 7 feet tall, they still make a nifty souvenir!

Garnett repeatedly is named one of the NBA’s snappiest dressers and his castoffs include a ton of dress shirts (most still sporting the dry-cleaning tag), lots of stylish sweaters and a locker-load of dress slacks, jeans and shorts, Size 46 Tall. Yes, you read that correctly, 46 Tall!

“They’re perfect for Halloween,” Castinetti joked.


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