Dwyane Wade And The Angry Birds

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — You might think that a world class athlete such as Dwyane Wade would be pretty much fearless. And for all we know he very well may be, except for one Achilles heel that he has no problem freely admitting: He hates birds. And I should say right here that I, too, hate birds. They may be majestic in flight, but they can also swoop down and peck you in the head and fly away without ramifications.

According to a recent interview, Wade’s fear of birds stems from an incident while he was in college, when he was “attacked” by birds.

That ornithophobia has apparently stayed with Wade. And perhaps the dislike goes both ways — at this point the birds may be antagonizing Wade, as is evident from this video he posted yesterday on Instagram, which he captioned, “The Bird hating is real people… They sit and wait for me to come out”…

On the plus side, maybe the Atlanta Hawks should try a new strategy next time the Heat are in town.


  1. Leggo HEAT says:

    Aw man that’s just pathetic LOL

  2. Jeff says:

    If you was a bird (especially a seagull) you would sit on a wooden post too. They aren’t out to get you man. You should fix this phobia by watching a movies by Alfred Hitchcock called “The Birds”. You will soon see how lame this fear really is. Those birds on your wharf are seagulls, what they gunna do “Eat your chips?”

  3. Majk says:

    Birds (=Durant’s big mouth, younger players, Harden-wants-to-be-a-superstar) want him down … but he’s not ready to retire just yet. And until then, it’s up to the birds come come after him, not for D-Wade to just step aside.
    Durant … a little less conversation, a little more action 😉

  4. dave says:

    hahah … maybe Andersen (birdman) can help him

  5. kayla says:

    Lol aw man

  6. Krum Krumov says:

    Funny how he plays next to the Birdman

  7. Birdman says:

    But he’s on the same team as birdman…

  8. TheTruth says:

    LOL Wade.