Kyrie Irving Breaks Out Uncle Drew Moves

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Just a few days ago, Pepsi released a teaser video tipping us off that Cleveland G Kyrie Irving‘s alter ego, Uncle Drew, would soon be making a return appearance.

But apparently the Philadelphia 76ers didn’t get the memo, because last night Irving broke out crossover dribbles on consecutive plays that were dazzling enough to make even old heads spin.


  1. OKC says:

    Don’t reach young blood.

  2. Illya says:

    Kyrie is sick he can cross up anyone in the league he has sick ball handling skills! Kyrie is the man Cleveland finally can believe!

  3. lbj says:

    why don’t you do it in the court with the king “LeBron” so you will be like Derrick Rose in 2011 Eastern FInals!

    • Jeery says:

      There has been many times derrick rose has shown up Lebron. Drose will take Lebron out man thats fo real.

    • daniel says:

      he already went against lbj

    • Jupit says:

      Rose got great looks against Lebron. Didn’t knock them down, but that’s not Lebron’s doing.

    • W4YANS says:

      Kyrie have an amazing ball handling, he can dribble anyone, the guy is a beast.
      He crossed Westbrook, Durant, Kobe all at once, search on Youtube. LeBron on Kyrie’s eyes is only an little obstacle, hahaha

      • SDOT says:

        if you know drose you should know his 3pointers never been great but these past couple years he worked on it and now if it came down to those shots he had against lbj again he would knock them now best believe if you work hard it wont be for nothing

      • lbj says:

        even he has 3 point shooting now the king “LeBron” is far better since 2011. He is best in all position offensively and defensively he can even guard a coach now!

  4. mannie says:

    on the first play the defense collapsed on him two man open in the corner and he forces the shot with five guys on him. Mad skills but don’t be like Kobe Bryant playing 1 on 5

  5. Justin says:

    Kyrie Irving is the PG of the future. I would never be able to decide between he and D. Rose. If D. Rose can maintain this 3 point shooting he has shown in the preseason and be consistent from mid he can be a hall of famer for sure. If Kyrie can take smart shots and stay aggressive once he gets a few more pieces in cleveland they can potentially be a threat in the playoffs. Same goes for Rubio and the T-Wolves in my opinion. Kyrie is definitely a solid center-piece to build around.

  6. Jajajaa says:

    You don’t have to have great dribbling to be the best..

    I put D Rose vs Kyrie Irving and D Rose nails him by much

    Speed Kills in every sports quote that !!!


    • Chris says:

      You are right SPEED KILLS. Just asked your guy d-rose who sat out for more than a year while kyrie with his ball handling ability makes him have a consistent 3..just ask knight . D-rose has less steals, lower fg%,3pt%, rpg and ppg and this is only 3rd year of kyrie Irving 🙂

      • Jeston says:

        D-Rose won that MVP, 3rd year in the NBA. Rose has was out for a year, sure. But, fast don’t lie. Too big, too strong, too fast! He’s always carried the burden of the Bulls putting his home team behind his back. Looking back at his highlights and work ethic since even college basketball, this guy shows up.

  7. Kyrie will be the top point guard in the leauge. Give him about 2 more years and watch what happens… Dont say I didnt warn you!

  8. Cory Mathews says:

    Kyrie’s a beast and he should be MVP every year. I wana know how to get some handles like that

  9. Mike says:

    Ladies an gentlemen, let me introduce you to the next CP3 for many hopefully healthy years to come

  10. Marc'DROSE says:

    im a solid DROSE and CHicago bulls fan, but i can say that kyrie is one of the best pointgard at the moment….same level with my man!