When Metta Met Tyler

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Sometimes the perception is more important than the truth. In the fourth quarter of the recent Knicks/Raptors game, Toronto forward Tyler Hansbrough found himself involved in a minor bit of extra-curricular activity with a Knicks player. Hansbrough, known as “Psycho T,” spun around to see what was happening, saw that it was Knicks forward Metta World Peace standing there, and then walked to the free throw line.

So did either guy back down? Well, a Vine of the incident from a different angle appeared to show Hansbrough backing down from a confrontation upon realizing it was MWP he was tangled with.

Did Hansbrough back down? Metta World Peace didn’t seem to think so. After the game, according to Newsday, Metta said that they both quickly moved on from the incident…

“He’s a good player, tough player. If it was back in the day it probably would have been more. It was enough. He was aggressive. He was running hard. We had a moment, but we both moved on. It was good for the game. It was good for the fans. He stood his ground and he got his fans excited. It was great. No fighting. It was face-to-face action. It was good.”

Also, he made an extended analogy between NBA players and an ice cream truck…

“I love guys like that. I need that physical action. The game has changed so much. Now we got all these Mister Softees. You know Mister Softee in New York? A lot of people are made from the ice cream cone. A lot of basketball players are made right from the Mister Softee ice cream cone truck. I like Mister Softee. I don’t like to play basketball with Mister Softee. I just like Mister Softee after a nice, hot summer day.”

Metta also took to Twitter after the game to express his admiration for Hansbrough…


  1. TheTruth says:

    meta trollololol

  2. lbj says:

    metta world war. why don’t you try the king “LeBron” he will break ur neck!