Derrick Rose Puts Defender In Blender

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Chicago’s Derrick Rose has been back from injury and playing well throughout this preseason, but if you really needed a moment to convince you that Rose is just as dangerous on the court as he was before his injury, check out this move that he broke out last night against Oklahoma City point guard Reggie Jackson.

Rose crossed him once, then twice, somehow turning Jackson around and ending up behind his back, with Jackson looking one way while Rose went another. D-Rose back? D-Rose back.

(via B/R)


  1. lbj says:

    Rose puts his defender in a blender but the king “LeBron” will put him in the bench bec he will not be able to score again just like in 2011. 3 peat for the Heat!!!

  2. Brice 15 says:

    D Rose is back