Kyrie Irving Returns As Uncle Drew

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Pepsi and Cleveland guard Kyrie Irving have been teaming up for a while now to produce videos in which Irving stars as Uncle Drew, an old soul who comes alive on the court and, more than anything, understands how to get buckets.

With the new NBA season very nearly upon us, it was only fitting that Uncle Drew also makes a return appearance…alongside a couple of perhaps familiar faces…


  1. kek says:

    Maya More dunkin? I dont believe that^^

  2. cristiano says:

    i love it … very cool !! let’s go Drew!

  3. jeff says:

    Maya has been dunking in warmups before games since college

  4. Jimmy Buckets says:

    Kyrie is WAYYY overrated….Im sorry cavs, we all know deep down that Cleveland REALLY has nothing to get excited about. Dion waiters is not worth mentioning, and anthony bennett isnt even a bust because he is not supposed to be a great player anyways. Bynum’s career is over and Zeller simply flat out sucks just as bad as Varejao. Mike Brown will be useless without Togo’s to stuff his fat face everyday after practice (thats right mike I see you) The only good thing cleveland has is Jarred Jack who is a straight G. I will even go as far to say that Jared jack should start over kyrie.

    • NBAFAN!!! says:

      I’m a heat fna but this fool doesn’t know what he is taking about. Kyrie underrated so is Nate. Great commercial.

      • OKC says:

        Jimmy Buckets is way overrated. Jaret Jack is better than Kyrie Irving? Darn that really messes up my fantasy league.

      • Crossover says:

        this guy is is Kyrie overrated? can you guard him? he does everything a point guard needs to do in the nba

      • NBA@2312 says:

        Are you kidding, kyrie has only been in the league for a few years and is already better than most point guards. He’s only going to get better

    • Almost.... says:

      Let’s not be completely ridiculous now. Kyrie is a baller. He would destroy Jack. The Cavs have work to do, but they are headed in a good direction. Also, his name is Jarrett**… Just in case you felt like typing his name again. I would hate for you to spell it wrong for a third time.

    • nbafan says:

      u a soft hating on kyrie one of the best piont and he better than d rose

      • knicks fan baby says:

        Kyrie is prototypical pg he gets one star to play with his scoring will drop but he will be in a universe of his own period…drose is on the other side of map man not comparable at all a monster talent who needs to be the vocal point of the offense ….if u know bball then no way could you ever ever raise jacks name in your comments….hating 4 real

    • los dogg says:

      Jimmy buckets iz a lame…. and know $#!? Bout basketball..

  5. Brice 15 says:

    This vid is great and crazy handles!

  6. phunkymunky says:


  7. i love nba says:

    this fool hating on kyrie , u just hating on the whole cavs team , how on earth would u say kyrie is overrated ….that just hatered

  8. Dominick says:

    Lol Nate Robinson Kyrie Irving and Maya Moore.