Nike Debuts New LeBron Commercial

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — As part of our LeBron series this week, yesterday I wrote a piece about the marketing dominance of LeBron James and how he has become a global business phenomenon. The timing couldn’t have been better, then, when late yesterday Nike dropped LeBron’s latest commercial spot. According to Nike…

The campaign depicts the daily training regime that helps make James a champion. It also highlights how James’s passion and joy can inspire spectators to transform into active participants whenever he is around. In the film, James rides a bike through the streets of Miami, swims in the ocean, trains in the arena, jogs through alleys and plays impromptu hoops on a street court. Along the way, people of all ages see James’s training activity and can’t help but join in.

Check the video below…


  1. heat all day says:

    bro this was moving

  2. Joel Stapley says:

    wow. that commercial has a lot of self-love in it. “the world just longs to follow me around in whatever i do and i am always the best at it”.

    sheesh. lebron can play. but does he really need to be worshipped? no. sad commercial given the insight it shows into his outlook on the world.