Chris Bosh Is In Midseason Photobomb Form

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Miami Heat may be 1-0 and off to a fast start with a big win last night over Chicago, but Chris Bosh looks to be picking right up where he left off with his post-game interview photobombing. Bosh has discussed it before, as he does here with Conan, and he admits that he looks for opportunities to pop in and drop a photobomb.

Last night, Bosh managed to get two of them in after beating Chicago, as someone noted via Instagram…


  1. Ripski says:

    always funny…

  2. Bosh’s videobombs are the bomb
    Let me tell you, they’re awesome
    Smooth and silky like lip balm
    I want to announce it on the intercom

    They’re so funny, it’s make me want to tweet
    Then other people will say, “oh sweet”
    So next time they watch this team 3-peat
    They’ll say I only watched for the videobombs of the Miami Heat.