Welcome To The NBA: Victor Oladipo

No matter how well a rookie plays in his first season, there invariably comes a moment where he gets somewhat humbled on the court by an NBA veteran. Here at All Ball, we’ll do our best all season to keep track of these moments, which we’re calling “Welcome to the NBA” …

By Jeff Case

Former Indiana Hooisers star Victor Oladipo is seen as the future for the Orlando Magic in their rebuilding efforts. His first game in the NBA, a homecoming of sorts vs. the Pacers, wasn’t awful — and it wasn’t great, either. On the good side, he ended up with 12 points, took seven of his 11 shots near the basket, had three rebounds and two assists in 22 minutes off the bench. On the bad side, he was a minus-11, had three turnovers and two fouls. And, oh yeah, the Magic lost 97-87 to the Pacers, too.

But another good side for Oladipo? Pacers All-Star Paul George gave him his “Welcome to the NBA” moment early in the season, courtesy of this weakside block on the rookie during a Magic fastbreak:

VIDEO: Paul George gets up to reject Victor Oladipo’s layup


  1. slowpez10 says:

    Though it was a nice block at first, but then I saw the replay. Ball hit the backboard. That’s a goaltend.

  2. Everton says:

    Goaltending. No question.

  3. BrokenThree says:

    I’m a Magic fan so you may call me bias or whatever, but WTF, i’m so tired of watching George’s “block” on Oladipo everywhere and nobody mentioning it was a Goaltending, it’s too obvious from every replay that the ball hit the backboard first.. Now they even make an article about it..sigh
    Mahinmi block on Oladipo was much more impressive and.. it was a block unlike George’s… so why not show that one?

  4. really says:

    that is a block it doesn’t matter if it hit the back board the ball has to be on its way down to be called goaltending

    • really? says:

      Section I—A Player Shall Not:
      c. During a field goal attempt, touch a ball, which has a chance to score, after it has
      touched any part of the backboard above ring level, whether the ball is considered on its
      upward or downward flight.
      d. During a field goal attempt, touch a ball, which has a chance to score, after it has
      touched the backboard below the ring level and while the ball is on its upward flight.

      Impressive athleticism but still a goaltend.

    • rich says:

      If the ball hits the backboard first you cant touch it. Doesnt matter if its on the way up or down. Know your ball facts before posting

  5. joe says:

    Horrible call – but on the whole this was a very evenly officiated game. Feel bad for VO that his 2 points is a highlight for George, who doesn’t need help creating highlights. Get it right Mr. Case.

  6. Tesse says:

    Thank you guys. I was watching this last night and was already wondering whether I had it somehow wrong since the commentators didn’t even consider the option.

  7. daus says:

    Goaltend, so obvious. First it made the night’s top ten, and then an article in the official site??? Seriously? Is there like a rule change I’m not aware of or something?

  8. NBA says:

    Goaltend… wow. It’s obvious, yet no one is saying anything about it. I suppose it would be a “welcome to the NBA” moment simply because it’s one of several bad calls that do and will occur per game, and Oladipo as well as other rookies needs to learn to get over it and move on.

    But if anything, his real first NBA wake up call was the block by Mahinmi. I watched much of the game, and Oladipo played very poorly and selfishly, trying far too hard to make a statement on his own rather then as a team (though I admire the confidence). I hope Oladipo begins to learn from his mistakes and becomes the player the Magic hope he will be in the coming years.

  9. Irfan says:

    Man that Paul George Block was a goal-tending… and the REFS Gave the game to Indiana … Hibart fouled the crap out of Harkless no call. give Vuchavic tec for trying to get defenders off his back.. gave Orlando delay of game at the end of the third giving Indiana the ball at mid court … (Good Shot Paul George) … I don’t know i could go on and on

  10. Neal says:

    The nba is so ridiculous about their refs. If they say no goaltending, then that’s it. Set in stone. You can now show it over and over and write articles about it even though the video clearly shows goaltending. Doesn’t matter. Pretty lame. These refs have too much power

  11. PK says:

    Welcome to the NBA Victor Oladipo. Where all-stars get away with clear goaltending violations against rookies and make highlight reels for doing so.

  12. mathew says:

    I watched some grainy footage yesterday and saw it was goaltending. I thought i was seeing things but every time ive seen it since it becomes more obvious. SIlly article.

  13. knowlegend says:

    😀 oladipo they wont call goaltendings if superstard goaltends rookie thats true