How The Miami Heat Championship Rings Were Made

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Prior to their season opener on Tuesday night, the Miami Heat players and executives were presented with their championship rings. In the video below we go behind the scenes at Jostens, the company that made the Heat’s rings and, incidentally, the same company that tried like heck to get me to buy a commemorative ring when I graduated from high school. Some of the details on (and inside) the Heat’s rings are pretty cool. And as Pat Riley says at the end of the video, “We’d like to keep creating more.”

VIDEO: Inside scoop on the Miami Heat’s Championship rings


  1. lbj says:

    very nice we already have a ring created for the 3 peat!!!

  2. Ron Ransom says:

    This my first close up look at a basketball championship,I had a friend (Neil Colzie) that won a Super Bowl ring and I actually had it on my finger . This is a beautiful well thought out ring,I am more inthused because LaBron is involved. Iam from Ohio and followed him through his high school career,he was then and more so now a credit to his race ( the human race) as a parent I can relate to kids who have to overcome early difficulties in life and receive positive results. I was born in a small racist town in Texas, I had all the disadvantages afford black young boy and girls during that era,however a move to Ohio changed everything. I often think of LaBron and the road he had to travel and I’m so happy he has caused so much joy and inspiration to children and adults around the world,thanks for sharing this beautiful ring…peace