Phoenix Gorilla Pranks Suns Players

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Imagine that you’re on your way to work, minding your own business, when a gorilla leaps from a trash can. That would be scary enough, right? But what if this was not just a gorilla, but a gorilla wearing a sweatsuit, armed with a compressed air horn. And not just a gorilla wearing a sweatsuit and armed with a compressed air horn, but also clutching what appears to be the skin from a gigantic alien head.

This is exactly what several members of the Phoenix Suns organization were faced with on their way to work earlier this week. Poor Goran Dragic nearly falls out right there in the hallway…

VIDEO: Phoenix Gorilla pranks players and coaches


  1. LIKEMIKE says:

    HAHA awsome!

  2. Thestarmiddleschooler says:

    Come on Gerald, you can’t do that!!

  3. Dominick says:

    Don’t mess with Gerald Green lol

  4. arenee says:

    Archie was ready to fight lol