Paul Pierce Explores Brooklyn

ALL BALL NERVE CENTERPaul Pierce has only been a member of the Brooklyn Nets for a few months, so it’s perhaps understandable that he hasn’t had much time to get out and explore the neighborhood. In this new video from American Express, Pierce hits several Brooklyn hotspots, from Brooklyn Bowl to Juliana’s Pizza. As Pierce says in the video, “It feels like I’m home.”

VIDEO: Paul Pierce In Brooklyn


  1. Skerg says:

    Love you Pierce!!!!!!! Boston traded me to… Im a nets fan now! Truth!!!

    • lbj says:

      even you explore 80 days around the world you will not get your 2nd championship ring like what ray got. you need to play with the king “LeBron” to get your 2nd ring. We will trade james jones, jarvis varnado plus future 1st round pick for Pierce so you can reunite with your old good buddies rayray

      • wow says:

        You know how stupid sound? It is showing that there is more than just winnign a championship, being in the NBA gives you a string voice. He is giving back and coming from one of those types of neighborhoods, he knows what its like to have heroes to look up to. I mean I am a Kobe fan, hated the celetics, but I gained respect for Paul from this short flick..

  2. euro says:

    hey paul easy with that pizza

  3. Leggo HEAT says:

    Guy’s legendary, that’s the Truth.

  4. A-Dub says:

    Nothing Hipster about this!! Brooklyn is more than that, Pierce is the truth!

  5. will says:

    You will be missed in boston Paul! and you are forever welcome and KG #StopLeBron #BelieveInBoston #BelieveInBrooklyn #KingSlayer

  6. breakfast says:

    he lives in tribeca so how is he a bk hipster?

  7. WNAH says:


  8. Buddy says:

    good marketing, thats about it!

  9. Heat Fan says:

    Very good marketing, on a player with a nasty attitude, who plays dirty, a player who threw a former teammate under the bus for leaving Boston (RayRay) only to leave the following year…… it’s ok now, eh? There was no brotherhood in Boston, Pierce and Garnett treated Ray like garbage, no sportsmenship, when he walked over to shake hands they acted like children turning their back on him. They trash talk, who would ever want teither of hem as a role model? They couldn’t put a patch on Ray’s butt. And you know what, unlike those bozo’s Ray truly found his home, and his family “familia” Oh ….. and his CHAMPIONSHIP RING!!!!

  10. Heat Fan says:


  11. Coral the conch says:

    lbj is a pretty excellent troll considering morons like “wow” still get fooled by him.

  12. Max Rebo says:

    Man, this just makes me miss having Paul in Boston. And KG of course. Those guys are true Boston players and it’s sad they had to move on.