Rajon Rondo Pays Tribute To Boston Red Sox

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Red Sox made headlines during their recent improbable title run by growing huge, unruly beards. So when the Celtics had their home opener over the  weekend, it only made sense for point guard Rajon Rondo to pay tribute to the Sox by strolling out to midcourt to address the crowd with a gigantic fake beard strapped to his chin. What I especially love about this is that Rondo makes no mention of the beard at all…

VIDEO: Rondo Wears Fake Beard

(via TNLP)


    • lbj says:

      paying tribute to red sox, blue sox nor green sox will not give you your 2nd ring. You need to play with the king “LeBron” to get your 2nd ring. We will trade future hall of famer point guard norris colde plus future 1st round pick!

      • pistonsfan says:

        @lbj maan u are just too funny, i’m literally dying because of your comments everywhere! Best troll ever!

      • NotMuchOfACelticFan says:

        Do you even watch basketball? seriously, Norris cole future hall of famer, yur nuts and lebron james not gonna last forever a new era coming get ready! P.S. Carter-Williams ate LeBron James and Norris Cole the other day lol

    • lbj says:

      Carter-Williams? Is this vince carter and jason williams combo? This guy is a one hit wonder player! the king “LeBron” will not see him in playoffs they will get illuminati

  1. what is up with this lbj guy he’s in every comment section

  2. Nick_E23 says:

    Rondo gunna get traded.. come on boston, lets not win another game and got 1-81 and we’ll hopefully get Wiggins