Local Ads: The OKC Thunder Are Back Selling Cars

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Last season we found several members of the Oklahoma City Thunder trying to help move some cars in a hilarious ad that aired in and around the Oklahoma City area. Well it’s a new season, and the Thunder players are back with a new commercial. Different dealership, a few different players, but mostly the same guys and a similarly wacky concept.

As Kendrick Perkins asks, “Why do I always get these silly songs?”

VIDEO: Edmond Hyundai Thunder Commercial

(via Daily Thunder)


  1. rumbleforever says:

    Please stop!

  2. wooderson says:

    that was horrible. ibaka is horrible

  3. lol says:

    these guys need to look at the spurs heb commercials, those are actually good

  4. Thunderfan says:

    That was funny!!!