The Brooklyn Nets Are Old School

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — How old school are the Brooklyn Nets? So old school they’re willing to bring back short-shorts, Chuck Taylors and afros. At least, that’s what they would have us believe in this new video from Funny Or Die…

The New Brooklyn Nets from Deron Williams

VIDEO: Nets Go Old School

(via B/R)


  1. CCC says:

    Man, I’m just saying … but if white guys would be making fun like that of the black guys, racism label would be all over this.
    So, Nets, you didn’t hit it with the “funny”, so I guess you’ll go with the later 😉

  2. Paksta says:

    I originally was going to tell CCC up there to quit being so sensitive about this reverse racism bs. But at 55 seconds, could these guys work any harder to be racist and disrespect many legends of the game? Cousy, West, Havliceck, Barry etc….

    I’m not usually into flagging this stuff up, but these guys really ought to remember who built the league that makes them millionaires. Black, white, purple whoever – all should be given fair respect.

    If it was funny, at least they’d have that. Maybe the punchline was a metaphor or something.

  3. Gillsy says:

    Dam The Big Ticket would have looked funny with a fro and short shorts.

  4. Oliver says:

    Well… that wasn’t funny. AT ALL.

  5. BBallNYC says:

    First half was funny…… The second half… yeah, kinda disrespectful w/ the “out of shape white guys’ jab. Most would agree that yesteryear’s players were more skilled, while today’s players are just more athletic (for the most part). I bet Jerry West in his prime outshoots DWill too sweet, even without the 3pt line.

  6. lol says:

    jerry west 1 on 1 deron williams see who wins lol