Horry Scale: Green’s The Thing

VIDEO: Jeff Green’s Game Winner

And so we have our first. The season is barely a week old, but the Horry Scale has been broached. You want a surprise? It came in Miami, which may not be that shocking, but it came from a team that was not expected to contend this season, much less notch a win in Miami.

Before we get too far into this, we should stop and explain. What is the Horry Scale? For those who are new around these parts, the Horry Scale examines a game-winning buzzer-beater (GWBB) in the categories of difficulty, game situation (was the team tied or behind at the time?), importance (playoff game or garden-variety Kings-Pistons game?) and celebration (is it over the top or too chill? Just the right panache or needs more sauce?). Then we give it an overall grade on a scale of 1-5 Robert Horrys, the patron saint of last-second daggers.

With the rules established, let’s check out tonight’s entry, when Jeff Green of Celtics delivered a knockout punch on South Beach to the reigning champions, the Miami Heat. Uncle Green ain’t new to this. But how do we rank it? Let’s break it down…

The old saying goes you play to tie at home and play to win on the road. And in this case, the Celtics played to win. I’m not sure how much more difficult this shot could have been. First of all, shoutout to Gerald Wallace for the inbound pass — he pump-faked to a completely covered Avery Bradley and got Birdman Birdman to briefly jump to his right, then tossed a two-hand, over the head strike to the far corner to Green. This was like Tom Brady throwing a perfect corner fade. Worth noting: Green was being defended on the play by LeBron James, an All-NBA defender. And when James turned his head for just a moment, Green took off for the corner, where he was met by Wallace’s pass and got off a shot without even setting his feet. Did this matter? Nope, not at all, as Green drained a fadeaway corner three over King James to give the Celts the road win. It was actually remarkably similar to Ray Allen’s three from Game 6 of the 2013 Finals. Still, in terms of difficulty, it’s hard to top this one.

Up two, with 0.6 seconds left to play, Dwyane Wade went to the free throw line with a chance to ice the game. His first shot rimmed out. His second shot, still with 0.6 remaining, was missed intentionally. BUT HE MISSED THE RIM. If Wade’s shot had simply drawn iron, the clock would have started, and even if the Celts had grabbed the board, there would have been perhaps 0.3 seconds left to get off a shot, which would have required something going to the rim or an alley-oop. But Wade whiffing on everything meant a violation, and the Celts were able to take the ball out of bounds on their end with no time ticking off the clock. As important as Jeff Green’s shot was, Wade not being able to draw rim was equally consequential in this instance.

Yes, we’re still early in the season, and some may argue that winning in general isn’t that important for the Celtics this season. So really, the Celtics probably didn’t need to win this game. And for the Heat, OK, sure, it’s just another early season game. The loss knocked Miami to 4-3, but three seasons ago they began 5-5 and still made the NBA Finals, so if anything we understand that a game this early in the season doesn’t carry that much weight.

Considering we’re early in the season and there was little at stake in terms of postseason standings or placement, the celebration was pretty fiery. Kelly Olynyk gave a 360 chest bump, and Wallace and Bradley were right there to give hugs. Bonus points to the coaching staff and bench players for their quick arrivals, as well.

3 Horrys. It was a ridiculous shot, there’s no denying that. And while the shot rated highly in most Horry Scale categories, we have to dock it a bit due to the game being relatively inconsequential. It was a nice win for the Celts and a tough loss for the Heat, but there’s a lot of NBA left to play. So we’ll give this one three Horrys.


What sayeth you? Give us your vote below…


  1. Andy says:

    should have picked Green in my fantasy draft!

  2. Ben says:

    For a Celtics team who started 0-4, who are without Rondo, who should not have any shot at making the playoffs, that shot could be the difference, in so many ways, between making the playoffs and not. It will have jumpstarted their morale in a big way.

    I think it’s been voted down far too much for the importance of the game. That shot was better than Ray Allen’s game 6 shot. No more than one Horry can come off for the importance of the game. It has to be at least a 4 star shot.

    • jordan4564 says:

      You must not watch much basketball or are just trolling lol the shot was definitely HARDER than ray’s game tying 3 pointer, but the importance of ray’s shot, which ultimately led to a championship, makes it a better shot on the Horry Scale

  3. Mr Clutch says:

    Lebron always messes up in the final seconds.

  4. JT says:

    Ray Allen’s Game 6 Shot ranks for 10 Horrys.

  5. viulo says:

    You’re giving too much importance on your final score on the fact that the games doesn’t matter that much. Plus, with Heat players minimizing Celtics’ chances before the game, that sparked a bit of the rivalry we’ve seen in the last few years,
    P. S.: I hope Wade wins Shaqtin a Fool this week….

    • Me says:

      Wow, if regular season games are so unimportant, than the NBA should lower ticket prices. Three Horrys, ppffffff!

  6. Jesus says:

    0.6 seconds with a three over Lebron? I would give that a five. No question.

  7. Sam says:

    LeBron won’t win defensive player of the year now hahaha

  8. Michael says:

    I agree. One of the youngest teams in the league taking down the two time defending champs on an impossible shot is not a big deal because they suck and aren’t expected to win any games. I personally believe that any non-playoff team should rank no higher than 3 Horrys as well because the games don’t really count for anything. Miami and San Antonio game winners should also not be more than 3 Horrys because they’ve shown they don’t care about seeding as long as they make the playoffs

    • Peter says:

      The game doesn’t mean anything because the team isn’t expected to win? Tell that to Jeff Green, who took this shot like it was the last shot of his life. Tell it to his celtics teammates, who celebrated like just just saved their lives.

      When you are a young team who nobody has any respect or expectations for, having one of your veterans step up like this to hit a game wining shot against the two time defending champs means a lot. It tells sends a message that this team has to be respected…I guarantee the Heat will not underestimate this team the next time they play them.

  9. ponyta says:

    I feel like if this was Lebron or Durant… This would be five, come on the shot was At least 4, took 2 off cause the game was inconsequential? Fake, horry scale is broken.

  10. bethypoop says:

    you gave this shot 3 stars because the season is too early and this win dont matter for the celtics nor miami? then why rate it at all? why dont you start rating when the playoffs comes? 1:01 the lady behind lebron, priceless reaction LOL

  11. Celtics! says:

    I second what Ben said. 3 horrys is a ridiculous rating.

  12. Karl says:

    Alright, consider this:

    The Celtics, coming off a two back-to-back game grind, playing in the Heat’s house, a new team, new coach, oh and the “small, trivial” matter of not having Rajon Rondo, the Celtics still beat the heat with Green’s monster-epic 3. It’s a 5-star Horry. 4 at the very least.

  13. woooow says:

    That was easily a four. I’m sorry, I’m a fan of your blog but what the hell is wrong with you? Yes this is a big deal. A predicted cellar dwelling team just beat the defending champs at the buzzer. That’s a huge win.

  14. Paul Bar says:

    Every game counts the same all year long. One win could be the difference for the Celtics to make the playoffs or not.
    How can you call it not important to a boderline team’s chances to make the playoffs. And as we all know, anyone that makes the playoffs has a chance to win it all. Worthless game? All 82 games mean exactly the same at the end of the season. In fact, this loss could cost Miami home court down the road. Let’s talk about it again at the end of the season and see if it an important game.

    • chiefs fan says:

      Looks like jeff green took his talents to south beach..lol….easy 4 star no question about it…. you can’t just count off one horry because they’re not expected to win that many games? ? If anything it should add more to it. Give credit where it’s due. ..Green is in beast mode and her caught lebron slipping….and wade…so sad to see your ego blow the game…lol love these kind of games…. the Celtics deserve some respect for this but I’m sure they won’t get it….

  15. Incredible says:

    @jordan4564 He very clearly said that the shot was being downgraded too much for importance of the game, considering it was a better shot than Ray’s. Which part are you not able to understand?

  16. M says:

    Every game is important. A great win for C’s – a young team under construction. Maybe a good loss for Miami (they must know, they have to focus every second of a game).

    And it’s another time, when young Celtics suprised a defending champion – last time I remember was 1997, when Antoine Walker, Ron Mercer, Chaunsey Billups, Walter McCarty, Eric Williams and many other very young players under Rick Pitino beat Michael Jordan’s Bulls in a season opener in Fleet Center… that was a creazy game…

    • celtics4life says:

      so many similarities, aren’t they? 🙂 new (college) coach, tons of young talent, away game against the defending champs…

  17. TrueNBAFan says:

    3 is all you give it? I never liked the Horry Scale cause it’s almost always wrong, the scale should be 90% based on shot difficulty rather then meaningless things like celebration…

  18. fedizzle says:

    Four definitely four. Can’t be five because it’s completely unimportant for teams record and ultimately Heat will be a finals favorite all year while Celts rebuild, but as a shot it was perfect buzzer beater in every way. One of the best I’ve seen.

  19. mr.ed says:

    so wait… any game winner this early in the season is automatically docked for being too early in the season? regardless of team or difficulty of shot, etc?
    some scale..

    • Dieter says:

      Importance of the game shouldn’t count, because there’s no way that we could know that this would cost Miami a conference title or that Boston takes the 8th spot in the east because of the win. It’s a very difficult shot, game winner, just after the shaqtin’ a fool of the year, and it beats the champions of last year in their building -> If this gets a 3, than I’ve never seen a 5.

      If the regular season is unimportant, than why do teams have to play 82 games? Why not 29 games + playoffs, twice a year?

  20. kane says:

    EVERY SHOT COUNTS! EVERY WIN COUNTS ! AND EVERY LOSS COUNTS!! Michael Jordan took a preseason loss just as bad as a playoff loss.. a true baller never wants to lose and always wants to win! So id say this is important especially since it was a test to see if Boston could hang with the heat after losing paul and kg! this game was very important! DONT FORGET THE RIVALRY!

  21. epicj says:

    i think 3 Horrys is a little low. At least a 4, imo. Shot was really tough, not to mention covering him is the King himself. this game was also important in helping the reeling Celtics find their confidence and identity. Yeah I know they’re rebuilding, but equally, rookies (both coach and players) need to grow through winning experience. This game is an important experience for the youngsters, facing one of the strongest forces in the NBA

  22. UnkleDaddy says:

    I’ll give Green one on the Horry scale. When he hits several game winners and a few in the playoffs we’ll see about it then. OKC should have kept this guy though. They let him go and Harden for Perkins and Ibaka. O’ what might have been Westbrook, Harden, Durant and Green…

  23. Tom says:

    fail scale, definitely a four

  24. Spire says:

    4.5 stars at the very least. 3 is BS and makes me think you don’t know basketball

  25. Peeps says:

    This should easily be a 5 horrys.. just because it was against the heat and over lebron you are not giving it enough credit!
    Be real man

  26. louie says:

    It was a great win but think about the shot for a minute
    he took if from the same place ray allen took the shot in the finals (and literally robbed championship #5 from the SPURS) but it was a meaningless game so 3 Horrys is what it gets LOL

  27. JoeRocker says:

    It’s time that you start using half points to evaluete this scale. It’s really hard to give only 1-5 horrys, for example this shot to me ranks at 3,5 horrys.

  28. buzzz says:

    5 Javale Mcgee’s for WADE!!! INCONSEQUENTIAL?! Were talkin bout a team who just got their first W because of that shot deff a 4! guess you lose lang we most of us voted 4 or 5! :p

  29. frans says:

    This Boston win is inconsequential? Don’t believe that. Boston showed that Miami is not a team right now that can execute on ‘easy’ games. This vulneribality means that the below .500 teams all will try to push for a win against miami, cause they believe they can win and boost their egos in doing so. The plus .500 teams will try to win against Miami anyway to show that they are ready for a long playoff run. So yesterday’s match was the last easy game for Miami this season. And they lost it. So Miami is up for a lot of heavily fought games before they can threepeat, which I don’t think they can.

    This win was also very important for Boston. After a horrific start they showed that there’s talent enought to go for a playoff spot. By the way, I Always believed that they can get a playoff spot. Solid players at every every position and excellent players at pg and sf. A team with almost the same level of athleticism of Oklahoma. In two season this team will be at championship level again.

  30. 3stars says:

    If it was game 7 of the NBA finals, he would have got 4 stars.

    If he had made a full court shot with a hand in his face in game 7 of the NBA finals, he would have got 5 stars.

    So 3 stars or less is what this shot deserves.

  31. Peter says:

    I saw this game after I already had seen the final score.

    When I saw Wade go to the line with the Heat up two points, 0.6 seconds to go, I could not see how Boston could possibly get a thee off and win the game…even though I already knew that’s what must have happened. It just seemed impossible that Wade would miss both three throws, that Boston would get the rebound, call a time out, and STILL have enough time on the clock to get off a three against Miami defense.

    This whole situation was impossible, but it happened…this is at least 4 stars. The game is said to be unimportant but given the Boston/Miami rivalry is one of the biggest in sports right now, it means evey game between these teams is big.

  32. Gert says:

    Well about 92% of voters disagree with you 🙂

  33. f says:

    Giving this 3 horrys is like saying Kwame Brown is the best player in the NBA, it deserves at least 4( i give it 5 because it’s in THE BEST PLAYAH IN THE HISTORY OF THE GAME YEAH!’s face.)

  34. Stephen says:


  35. Game Time says:

    Can’t believe people are BH over the grade for this shot. Like there was a trophy being given for 4.

  36. Dan says:

    I’m a Lakers fan and I’m sorry but that shot deserves a 4… You can only knock off one point for it not being in the playoffs.

    The author must be a LeBron fan

  37. euar says:

    ok. if this shot worth 3 Horrys, then no one other shot before playoffs cannot take more then 2 Horrys

  38. Craig says:

    If Green could learn to flop, he could get be 5 a star Horry.

  39. sports fan says:

    Every regular season game counts because they’ll determine home court advantage in the playoffs. Miami already lost to Philly & Boston this early in the season. If Miami doesn’t take the regular season as seriously as they should then Indiana will definitely have home court advantage if they both meet in the playoffs. This is a big loss for Miami – at aleast a 4 on the Horry scale for Jeff Green.

  40. jazzee says:

    seriously 3?

    is a five in my opinion. Very difficult shot, fadeaway from the corner. AND THEY WERE DOWN 4 WITH 3.5 REMAINING DAMMIT!

  41. Kome Bryant the Black Dumba says:

    In Lebron’s face, in Lebron’s court, great play drew by the coach. I’ll give at least 4.5. If green was Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Wade, Harden, Pierce, this will automatically a 5. Too much lebron/heat lovers working for nba.

  42. champ says:

    3 Horry’s? That’s insane………out of all players…why is Horry scaling buzzer-beaters
    Clearly he’s out of his mind

  43. Wes says:

    This game is “relatively inconsequential”??? Since when do games at the beginning of the season mean less than the end of the season? A game is a game, and a win is a win in the regular season. Sure, it’s not a playoff game, but don’t dock the shot because this game means “nothing.” Heat have to win the easy ones against teams that are currently sub-par. Also, D-Wade, don’t underestimate Brad Stevens’ ability to run & create plays. He’s pretty good at that.

  44. me says:

    this is the year the big three will split up

  45. tugan says:

    kris humpries was like “oh my god”. i bet he doesnt know about the rules of intentionally missing the free throw shot.


    i think wade’s attitude is a sign of things to come with this heat team trying to three-peat………..

  47. Mark says:

    This is an insane shot, especially against Bron. I say 4 Horrys.

  48. Dew says:

    Inconsequential or not, was still an amazing shot on the road against the defending champs. A Celts team after trading away the core of their best players, without Rondo, and still pulling it out on the road is pretty significant to me and that proves they can play with anyone. I thing the Celts personally have some good talent to work with in Green, Bradley, Wallace, Crawford and Lee. Will only get better with a good point guard in Rondo coming back. I’d say probably a lot faster and younger now for sure and can do some damage. All they really need is a talented big man and they are solid. No, great shot and def worth 4 Horrys in my book.

  49. Noe_l_eoN says:

    lmao at the heat players especially lebron. they were all just standing

  50. Horryratings says:

    I would give this a 4 as well. But Celtics making the playoffs? LOL you guys are delusional. This is clearly a bottom dweller that has scrapped their team last year to get a lottery pick. There is no way this team matches up with what they had last year, and yet people here are talking playoffs for the Celtics? This is laughable. But I disagree with the rating, should be a 4 or 5.

  51. Chewie says:

    I went full sandman when this went down. Both hands went in the air, and I yelled like I saw an easy kill with a young Luke getting out of his speeder.
    This is a disgrace to give it a 3 on the Dirty Horry scale. Its a 4 minimum, or I’ll burn your village to the ground.

  52. Monsieurrt says:

    Horry, you are undermining this shot. No mention about the epic rivalry between the Heat and the Celtics? No mention about the boost of moral this does for the Celtics? No mention that Jeff Green is finally producing something and he is the center of basketball talk this week for this game winning shot and the facial he did on Orlando. Horry, the Celtics could possibly be the Cinderella story the NBA this season and this shot started it.

  53. killit says:

    it was a great shot 4-5 nothing less because important or not it takes skills to do that 😀

  54. Alex says:

    I don’t think this writer truly understands how ridiculous of a shot this was. Guarded by arguably the league’s best defender, and with only .6 seconds on the clock, there was absolutely no time for Green to set his feet. He ran to the corner, caught the ball and fired immediately while falling away. This shot is easily worthy of a four point Horry if not five. This may have been an early season game, but it is Heat-Celtics. These guys hate each other. Green threw a dagger.