Celtics Fan Enacts ‘Livin’ On A Prayer’

By Jeff Case

Timeouts at an NBA are never a ho-hum experience. Sometimes the t-shirt cannon is going, firing free apparel into the stands. Sometimes you’ll see an NBA mascot attempt a shot from halfcourt (and, if Russell Westbrook is in the building, he’ll stop the fun). But one of the more common activities is for the stadium crew to pipe in a popular (or perhaps classic) song to get the crowd fired up and dancing as the timeout draws to a close. (Sometimes, even the usher gets into it.)

Firing up the crowd was apparently the case in Boston not too long ago, as the TD Bank Center had Bon Jovi‘s classic, “Livin’ On A Prayer”, going during a timeout to do the job. The crowd is dancing along and then we cut to one fan who takes the meaning and words of the song quite literally. It’s a must-see video this morning:

H/T to Boston Globe beat writer Baxter Holmes for helping uncover this gem


  1. Kevron says:

    That is pure gold!!

  2. Aaron says:

    This kid is awesome. It’s great that the people around him got into it, as well.

  3. Kevron says:

    That is pure gold!!!

  4. JW says:

    Laker fan!!!!!!


  6. hates too much drama says:

    Seriously, this man needs to be tested for substance abuse..

  7. dd def says:

    hahaha, oh man that guy’s my hero

  8. Henrik Jensen says:

    AAAAAmazing !

  9. Iggy says:

    That Fat Guy in the Light Blue T-Shirt is just like Russel Westbrook: KILLJOY!!!!

  10. Rich says:

    He’s GOD

  11. TI says:

    I’m with Heino. Hate to be “that guy,” but this is staged…

  12. Costnerity says:

    this video is from years ago

  13. micah says: