Down Goes Gortat

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — If you’ve been on the basketball court, you’ve been there: There’s a switch on defense, and you end up defending someone you probably shouldn’t be defending. In this case you have two options: 1) You back down and basically concede defeat, letting your guy score. 2) You buckle down and go all-in on defense, even with getting embarrassed as a likely result.

So it speaks well to Washington center Marcin Gortat‘s guts that he was willing to try and stick with Oklahoma City guard Thabo Sefolosha when the two ended up paired on the wing during their game on Sunday night. And to be fair, it looks like Gortat’s teammate Martell Webster trying to play help defense may have had a part in this, when his feet tangle with Gortat’s.

Either way, down goes Gortat…


(via SBNation)


  1. lbj says:

    WTF Gortat are you drunk?

  2. BBallNYC says:

    Poor Gortat, first Blake’s dunk, now this….

  3. Oliver says:

    Poor Gortat lol

  4. Ripski says:

    hate to tell you but this wasnt a ankle braker. CANT you see he steps on de foot of his own teammate?

    • idol says:

      he didn’t step his foot he bumped his knee fool!!

      • turbotokke says:

        i feel that calling someeone who calls other fans a fool over their opinion is the more foolish one.
        wich would make me a fool, weren´t it for the fact i allready was, a fool.
        just my cent, i know it ain´t worth 2