30 for 30: Space Jam Edition

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — What if I told you that someone had put together a hilarious spoof of ESPN’s terrific 30 For 30 documentary series? Well, it’s true — the people at Yahoo’s Screen Sketchy have poked fun at the ridiculousness of Michael Jordan‘s iconic cartoon movie Space Jam in the best way possible: By talking about it as if it were completely serious. As one of the talking heads notes in the video, “I was home watching TV, when they broke in and said Michael Jordan is teaming up with a bunny to take on a team of alien basketball players.”

VIDEO: 30 For 30 Space Jam

(via TNLP)


  1. anti mj says:

    fck off mj.. i love lebron

  2. matt says:


  3. Bugs says:

    That’s it, I’m getting this movie

  4. Heat #1 Fan says:

    Kobe? You really gonna put kobe in this?

  5. Jordan says:

    all of you hating on mj and saying lebron or kobe should realize without mj there might not be lebron or kobe. he was there inspiration. he made basketball as popular as it is.

  6. Bird says:

    Bird all day, always overlooked as the best.

  7. biyombo says:

    bismacks better than all 3

  8. Jazz says:

    Greg Ostertag all day fools

  9. lance says:


    How can a team bounce back from a team mate being killed LOLOL

  10. Stephen A. Smith says:

    All of your holigonistic remarks are blasphemous. Kawmee brown is the great of all time!

    • chexxum says:

      About LeBron James… all you LJ lovers, you guys don’t know jack about basketball. So, stfu and accept it! KOBE > LEBRON

      MJ was 1st
      now it’s KOBE
      LeBron is nail biting, dirty monkey who is on a team with bunch of all-stars.. Ray Allen / D.Wade etc.
      MJ is MJ
      KOBE is KOBE
      LeBron is a wannabe 28 y/o llama

      • STFU says:

        Obviously you don’t know jack about basketball. SMH you don’t have to be smart to know that LeBron is the best in the NBA, you have to look any further than PER, he creams just about everybody else in the league. Anybody in their right minds would take LeBron AND KD before Kobe. You don’t have to be a LeBron fan to know hes the best right now, all time hes not close yet (still can put himself up there if he keeps these numbers up), so STFU Kobe Bryant fans, you are all in denial that there is more than just LeBron better than your fading hero, stop making idiots out of yourselves, you are starting to look worse than Lebron bandwagoners…

  11. justin says:


  12. Too Legit says:

    LeBron’s sneakers aren’t as good as Jordan’s. Therefore, Jordan is a better.

  13. His Airness says:

    Lebron never saved the Loony Toons or dunked from half court. end of story

  14. Leggo HEAT says:

    trolls trolls TROLLS EVERYWHERE!!!

  15. BULL MOOSE says:

    MJ change the game of BBALL and still is the greatest Ya’ll never seen Kobe and Lebron set the NBA W-L record yet 72-10 all time greatness there, plus 6 rings from his Royal Airness

  16. Zaza says:

    Zaza Pachulia is the best of them all ❤

  17. WHITE MAMBA FAN says:

    Based on true story

  18. mamba says:

    JUST HYPE!!!!! people are starting to forget bout jordan..snap a stupid 30 for 30 movie.. cmon man just the remind people he is the goat.. hell no he is not the greatest ..actually there aren’t many people anymore who gives a damn about jordan we dont want to love jordan cmon get him out of basketball life

  19. Andrew says:

    You guys don’t know anything if the Super Praying Mantis, Shawn Bradley isn’t in the argument… I am serious!!

  20. black mamba says:

    its all Kobe he’s better than Jordan

  21. freal says:

    1. MJ, 2. Lebron………………………….25. Kobe

  22. Christiaen says:

    I’m still routing for the late Manute Bol, best 3-point shooting center in NBA history!

    • whatta sequence says:

      I still remeber being bowled over watching him sink one after another…a seven 1/2 foot pile of sticks bombing them from behind the arc. Won’t see that again!

  23. MJ and LBJ are from different era. Just love whoever player you love and keep it to yourself. Keep your insecurity and lack of attention to yourself. Nobody needs to know.

  24. b0gz24 says:

    MJ is the best there ever was, Kobe was the best after MJ, and now it’s Lebron’s time…. as easy as that.

  25. Magic Mike says:

    Kobe has 5 championship rings and wanted a 6th. Kobe called MJ for advise, MJ said and I quote:

    “You aint getting no advise from me, no help from me, you aint getting a 6th on me. 5! THAT’S WHERE YOU AT! THAT’S WHERE YOU GOIN STAY”

    Same thing occurred for Lebron, except the conversation was a bit different, MJ said and I quote:


    For additional quotes, ITSREAL85 (Y)

  26. Tay Millz says:

    Kobe is the best look at the stats

  27. Jordan > Kobe > LeBRon says:

    Popcorn, anyone?

  28. PG says:

    You are all wrong. Paul George will be the best in a few years.

  29. KingMSC says:

    People who belive that MJ is the best and always will be are morons, there will always be a better player. Someone will top Lebron, Kobe KD. Paul George is on his way to becoming a champion.

    Jordan was great now we have many, and a lot more to come.

  30. Gucci213 says:

    Im a Laker Fan to death and Yes Kobe is still better than lebron 5>2. But i accept the fact that Lebron is now taking over the NBA. Kobe is going to start to decline. But you cant compare LJ to MJ until he reaches his 5th championship. I do think LJ has the potential to be G.O.A.T.

    • George says:

      Why did you choose the arbitrary number of 5 championships before you can compare someone to MJ? Is it because your idol has 5 championships? I say you can’t begin comparing someone to MJ until they have 6 or 7 championships since Jordan had 6.

  31. Lebron’s name ends up in every basketball conversation so he’s obviously good

  32. mamba says:

    kobe is a best player all of nba history

  33. Aaron says:

    Let’s get off the subject of Lebron and talk about the video. This is the funniest thing I’ve seen in ages.

    Oh, and by the way, Lebron sucks.

  34. Toinan says:

    MJ … Lebron … That stuff is damn funny anyways

  35. THE JASON says:

    Connie hawkins ——- Julius erving, Larry bird , Magic johnson ———– MJ ————- Kobe ———— LBJ think about it

  36. basketball 4ever says:

    these kids talked about MJ as if they watched his every game, i bet u only watched MJ’s highlights. just bring out the stats. sad story

  37. basketball 4ever says:

    stop hating. appreciate greatness.