Jamal Crawford Partners With BRANDBLACK

Jamal Press Release

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Clippers guard Jamal Crawford has become the first NBA player to sign with BRANDBLACK, a new player in the athletic apparel and footwear game, it will be announced later today.

BRANDBLACK is a new line from footwear veteran David Raysse, formerly with companies such as adidas and Fila. Based in Los Angeles, according to a release, “BRANDBLACK pays homage to the area’s heritage of a boundary breaking aerospace industry through the use of advanced designs and fabrications that emphasize performance, strength and minimal weight. Its home also affords BRANDBLACK a rich design tapestry that reflects the region’s status as a sports innovator, entertainment capital and fashion center.”

And now the L.A.-based company has signed one of Los Angeles’ most exciting scorers. “Joining BRANDBLACK was an easy decision for me,” Crawford says in the release. “The performance and aesthetics of the BRANDBLACK line is second to none. The minute I began to play in the shoes, I knew that I never wanted to wear another brand.  The craftsmanship and overall design of the shoe was beyond my expectations.  [Being invited to be] BRANDBLACK’s first global ambassador affords me an [opportunity to impact the style of the game that I love] and to start my own legacy in sports apparel.”

Crawford, who has been wearing the shoes already this season, will debut a signature line of “JCrossover” shoes later this season.


  1. lbj says:

    partnering with brandblack will not give you any ring you need to play with the king “LeBron”. We will trade joel anthony, jarvis varnado plus future first round pick!

  2. James Sloane says:

    Looks nice on him . Can I get in on that.

  3. Matt says:

    Is that lingerie for men? I can’t believe Jamal would get in that! People will do anything for money…even millionaires.