Chris Bosh Continues Videobombing Heat

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — Part of the fun of playing alongside LeBron James seems to be getting to see him do a ton of postgame interviews. And so Chris Bosh has perpetually looked for ways to make these postgame interviews more interesting by videobombing everyone that he can. He continued his pursuit of excellence last night following Miami’s win over Milwaukee, this time employing a towel and an Uncle Rico-style pass…

VIDEO: Bosh Photobombs Using Towel


  1. the black mamba says:


    • CELTICS ALL DAY says:

      these guys are a bunch of clowns it is proven year after year as they are given championships and continue to cry to the referees you should be ashamed

      • Haters gonna hate says:

        Lol just say it like it is. You’re upset their Big 3 destroyed your Big 3 and effectively dismantled them and took one of them to be their back-up along the way. I’d be upset too.

      • Timu says:

        We all Miami Heat fans are having fun, you are the one keep crying. Making you Miami Heat Haters upset, is PRICELESS.. Lets Go Heat!

      • observer says:

        How are you given a championship? Were you given one; by whom? How come I haven’t received one? Why doesn’t someone give me a championship?! OHHH, that’s right. I didn’t earn it and neither did you and your celtics (that year). If it’s the officiating, show me some statistics, not baseless comments.


      • Another Heat Fan says:

        You need an antacid for all that hate burning up inside you?

  2. falco says:

    lol bosh is hilarious

  3. leo923 says:

    Video-Boshed again!!

  4. sagittarius says:

    yall have the heat mess up b/c yall just mad b/c yall hav nt won no rings n a min so give them some of horn and the heat is nt the only team crys abut the referees so

  5. isack says:

    i love bosh 😀
    this makes the nba so much better

  6. asdff says:

    Love how NBA has a 30 second add for a 30 second video clip. Make as much money as you can Stern!

    • Leggo HEAT says:


    • Tired of it says:

      Agreed. I recall last season, watching back to back to back Shaqtin A Fools and there was a 30 second advert before each one of them. And the Shaqtin vids were mostly a minute and a bit long. I’m ok with the odd advert, but not every single time!

    • David says:

      Use ADBLOCK PLUS and enjoy commercial free video clips here and on youtube.

  7. Cal oh says:

    If Bosh wasn’t such a bust he would be doing these interviews

    • Another Heat Fan says:

      How is 2 championships a bust.

      If you watch heat games you will see that he does work. They all do.

      Yes, Lebron is more efficient than anyone else, but it’s a team game and everyone has a job to do.

      The last 3 years, Bosh has done his job.

      And don’t worry about the interviews Bosh has done enough of them and will do more. Lebron will have his shot at photo-bomb revenge.

  8. Fly says:

    Damn it LeBald! Just shave your head! You look ridicoulus wearing that double-wide headband further back every season! Just face father time already!

  9. Come on guys. The Heat are the truth! Why do you make us Celtics fans look like haters! Respect the champs! Why are u on here anyway? Im here cause i love the NBA!

  10. JJ Bowman says:

    New Segment for TNT OT ? Shaqtin a fool continued by Video Bosh’d

    Cant beat an in-game fool moment or a video bomb!!

  11. the New York Chandlers says:

    Like a bosh!

  12. Bodjee says:

    This shows the camaraderie that exist within the MIami Heat team. I wonder if a fan were to do these act, if it would still acceptable!