Don’t Mess With Joey Crawford

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The best NBA referees know how to take control of all aspects of a game. And as veteran ref Joey Crawford showed us the other night during a Cleveland/Philly game, sometimes that means taking a stern tack beyond even the players and coaches, all the way down to…the ballboys?

VIDEO: Joey Crawford Takes Control

(via BIL)


  1. BwareDWare94 says:

    Joey Crawford is NOT one of the best referees in the NBA lol. He’s a control freak who calls Ts too easily unless he likes the player, and makes obviously wrong calls just for the hell of it. He favors certain teams and certain players, and it is completely unacceptable. His crew screwed the Wolves the other night. Joey watched CP3 throw Corey Brewer to the ground by the wrists. It was pathetic. He’s an awful, awful referee who needs to drop the obvious bias and just do his damn job.

    • tl says:

      yup.. the other thing this guy did was giving a T to tim duncan for laughing.. then i think he got banned from being a nba referee for a while. joey crawford is pretty stupid.

  2. Cool Story says:

    Like a boss.

  3. kburp96 says:

    Hes terrible he almost cost the indiana pacers game 5 of the ecf last year when he called a 24 sec shot clock violation when the ball obviously line drived off the rim he favored and to this day favors the heat and other teams tht he likes the old man needs to do everyone a favor and retire

  4. euro says:

    the worst and the most stupid referee in the nba

  5. steve says:

    Generally one of 3 highest rated referees in league, year-in, year-out. Ask league, coaches and players

  6. Tyler says:

    I work as a ballboy for the sixers. this is all bs. THere was nothing on the floor. it was just joey being joey.

  7. vern says:

    I don’t think Joey is a bad ref. He just demands respect. My only negative with him is he “T’s” too quick.
    Some of the vet players on TNT have said they prefer Joey Crawford rather then these new guys working.

  8. Dennis Park says:

    joey crawford should’ve been called for a delay of game… just saying xD

  9. Da Beast says:

    Joey Crawford should have had a delay of game called on him. He’s a terrible ref.

  10. David says:

    What a prick.

  11. This guy needs to go! says:

    Watch whenever he refs a Bulls-Heat (or Bulls game in general) Bulls starters end up with three fouls in the first five minutes of play. I’m not saying they aren’t always fouls, but this guy makes a TON of bs calls. When I see his ugly bald head running around I turn the game off no matter WHO is playing because I watch basketball (any matchup that happens to be on that day) as a way to relax and have fun and all this guy does is piss me off. My three year old would do at least as good. He’s ruining the game. ARRGH!

  12. Kud says:

    Oh, please! One of the worst NBA refs. Guy doesn’t understand who’s the star of this show and tries to be the biggest one. The best refs are those whose work isn’t noticed during the game. When the final siren sounds you realize ‘damn, that was a fine job by the referees’. Back in ’90’s that was one of the biggest differences between NBA and european basketball – officiating. NBA refs didn’t interfere too much and let the players do their magic (and sort out some issues between them), while the Europeans were making calls all the time. You couldn’t watch a game, because you’d be watching calls one after another. And that’s where NBA officiating is going right now. Crawford is a bright example. Too much empowerment from the league caused this behaviour. He acts like people were coming to see him in action and that’s wrong. Too much games were destroyed by his calls. A good referee should know his place in the line – he doesn’t. Too often he gets carried by his distorted picture of his own role.

    • Petr says:

      The difference tho is that the Euro refs call game fouls or violations, like travel (wich everybody does in NBA). while this guy calls bs. technical fouls. Im no fan of too much calls (who is?) but sometimes the way especialy star players travel is just awfull.
      I mean, I get that you dont want to call a travel on a breakaway by himself dunk, but these guys know the rules, its not like
      they cant driblle one more time. A great example of this is LBJ, he travels almost everytime he drives…

      • Kud says:

        I agree – NBA refs don’t care about traveling – it’s a rare call. And you’ve got that right – LBJ does no more than two dribbles when he’s running through 3/4 of the court. He starts with traveling and finishes with it 9 out of 10 times. Things have changed in Europe too – refs aren’t as strict about fouls as they used to be back in the 90’s. It’s watchable right now, but it was awful back then.
        About Joey… well it seems the only people that don’t see his ridiculus calls are NBA authorities and ‘official’ bloggers. He’s the guarantee of a ruined game. I can’t understand why he gets to officiate the most important games.

  13. ash says:

    worst freaking ref. in the nba
    called T on tim duncan couple years ago for laughing.. he just wants attention
    get the calls right!

  14. mistergoat says:

    Taunting….. whats the fine for that these days….. sure joey can afford it…. :p

  15. shinai79 says:

    too much of a beast :))

  16. Aaron says:

    I can’t stand Joey Crawford. Worst, most biased referee in the league. He clearly favors certain teams.

  17. DAVIDINSA says:

    “Joey” is the worst official, not only in the NBA, but in all of sports. He gives the NBA a bad image and hints of the NBA being rigged. He has been suspended before and don’t understand why he was allowed back. The sad thing is that most NBA fans know this but not the NBA commissioner.

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