Kenneth Faried Is Excited About The Return of Wilson Chandler

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — The Denver Nuggets have had a rough start to the season, going 2-4 out of the gate in coach Brian Shaw‘s first season. Part of the problem has been injuries, with JaVale McGee being the latest to hit the chilling list. On the bright side, Wilson Chandler has been cleared to make his season debut tonight after missing the beginning of the season to treat a hamstring injury.

And when Chandler stopped to tell about his return, his teammate Kenneth Faried couldn’t contain his excitement upon hearing the news…

VIDEO: Kenneth Faried Welcomes Wilson Chandler


  1. lbj says:

    who cares about Wilson Chandler. watch the return of Greg Oden the best center in the league 1st round draft pick! If you Farried wants to get a ring you need to play with the king “LeBron” Oden will get his 1st ring on June next year!

  2. Celtic533 says:

    LBJ, tell me…. Do you have a job