DeAndre Jordan Makes ESPN’s Top Ten Club

ALL BALL NERVE CENTER — ESPN’s “This is SportsCenter” series of commercials are always funny, as athletes and people associated with sports are placed out of their element. In this latest spot, Clippers center DeAndre Jordan shows what it’s like when you’re a member of SportsCenter’s exclusive Top Ten Club. (Also, shoutout to Dot Com from “30 Rock” for the doorman cameo.)

VIDEO: DeAndre Jordan SportsCenter Ad


  1. lbj says:

    we don’t care with you DeAndre Jordan. You don’t even know how to play half court and low post game. All you guys are doing including Griffin are just dunks that’s poor Chris Paul wasting his talent with you!

  2. Brain32 says:

    DeAndre rocks, already 100% better than last year. I’d like to see DJ on All Star THIS year!

  3. Greg says:

    Great ad.
    That was Grizz from 30 Rock, not Dot Com